3 DIY ideas to decorate the house with the kids - Casa Vogue

3 DIY ideas to decorate the house with the kids – Casa Vogue

3 DIY ideas to decorate with the kids (Photo: Evelyn Muller)

See 3 DIY projects to decorate with the kids (Photo: Evelyn Muller)

Have you ever thought about including children in the home decoration process? Some DIY ideas can be an opportunity for the whole family to get their hands dirty and to stimulate the imagination of the little ones.

“Involving children in this type of activity is always very cool, because it makes them visualize their space and belong to it. In addition to being an activity related to creativity and problem solving, because we are not buying anything ready-made, we are building it. All of this integrates the family and gives the feeling that it was made with great care, love and commitment”, says the designer. Paulo Biacchiwhich specializes in solutions for do it yourself.

Proposing to the little ones that they help in the search for materials that can replace an item is also an exercise for them to learn to reuse or re-signify an object.

Next, Paulo teaches you how to run three DIY projects where children can be part of the process. The ideas were inspired by children’s bedroom designs published on the Casa Vogue website. Follow up!

1. Wall with colorful pattern

3 DIY ideas to decorate with the kids (Photo: Evelyn Muller)

Wall with prints can be made with a homemade stamp (Photo: Evelyn Muller)

The first idea, inspired by the girl’s room created by architect Rafael Leão, is to decorate the walls with a colorful pattern. Paulo suggests using a stamp made with a “material” found in the kitchen at home: the potato. “The cool thing about this technique is that the drawing is a little flawed. It’s perfect to give that effect”, explains the designer.

Here’s how to make the potato stamp:

Wall paint or gouache

Step by step
Heads up: Stamp production steps must be done by an adult.
1. Remove one end of the potato (approximately 1/3 the size).
2. Mark the outline of the design chosen for the print, deepening the stylet about 1 cm into the potato. Then cut and remove the pieces around the edges, so that the design forms a relief.
3. Put some paint on the plate and pick up a small amount with the sponge. Then, gently swipe the sponge over the potato stamp. For a more irregular print, get the ink directly with the stamp.
4. Position the stamp on the wall and press.
5. Repeat the process to form the desired pattern, adding more ink to the stamp as needed.

The potato stamp technique also applies to personalizing other decor items, such as pillows. In this case, you need to use fabric paint to make the print.

2. Wall with cityscape

3 DIY ideas to decorate with the kids (Photo: Marco Antonio)

Urban landscape can be made with electrical tape (Photo: Marco Antonio)

The second inspiration is the boy’s room designed by the architect Juliana Fabrizzi. In the project, illustrator Lovato created a panel on the wall next to the bunk, with an urban landscape. For the do-it-yourself version, Paulo teaches the technique of tape art, made with adhesive tape. “It is possible to make this wall decoration using electrical tape”, he recommends.

Follow the step by step:

Insulating tape
blunt scissors

Step by step
Heads up: the stylet should only be handled by an adult.
1. Plan the illustration you intend to make and remember that it needs to have straight lines. It is worth asking the children to draw on paper the buildings, houses and streets they want for their landscape.
2. Position the electrical tape to form the first line and run your fingers to make it stick to the wall. Cut to the size needed for the design.
3. Place the end of the second line over the end of the first for finishing.
4. Repeat the gluing process until the desired design is complete. To “paint” some areas, just fill them with tape.
5. If necessary, remove burrs with the stylet.

3. Ball mobile

3 DIY ideas to decorate with the kids (Photo: Monica Assan)

Learn how to make a mobile in two sizes (Photo: Monica Assan)

The latest DIY idea is inspired by the decoration of the baby’s room created by the office Comvindo Arquitetura. Paulo says that the materials needed to create a sphere mobile like the one above the bed depends on the size of the item, as well as the way it is made.

Here are the two possible ways:

small mobile

barbecue sticks
Wooden spheres of different sizes (e.g. furniture handles and trim, found at hardware stores)
wood paint
Brush tool
Super glue
String or nylon thread
blunt scissors

Step by step
1. Paint the beads and wait for the drying time indicated on the paint package.
2. On a barbecue stick, tie a piece of string in the center.
3. Glue a wooden ball to each end of another barbecue stick and let dry. You will need three pieces made up of rods and balls.
4. Position one of the pieces against the base of the mobile, forming a cross. Tie the string in such a way that the composition is stable.
5. Repeat the process with the other two balled rods.
6. Tie another piece of string to the base of the mobile to hang the piece.

“The fun is in finding this balance of the pieces”, comments the designer.

big mobile

In the case of a larger mobile, with more than three levels, wooden dowels replace the barbecue sticks. The way to do it follows the same steps. The only difference is that, instead of a single string in the center, the piece can be tied close to each end. This configuration creates two side-by-side compositions of rods and polka dots, like the one in the baby room mobile.

“Another way to make the mobile is to use a sewing hoop. In this case, the circles replace the rods and you just hang the spheres”, teaches Paulo.

Which project will you choose to put into practice?

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