After music and acting, Mia Rose ventures into jewelry with her own line - Moda

After music and acting, Mia Rose ventures into jewelry with her own line – Moda

At 34 years old, Mia Rose has already made her mark in the world of music and acting. This time, she is dedicated to jewellery, with her own line created and produced in partnership with the Portuguese brand Unike Jewellery. This new adventure is an old dream come true.

When she signed her first contract, she made a promise to herself: “I will always be myself”. This promise was sealed with a ring, created specifically for his little finger, which never left it, and the piece became the motto for entry into jewelry design.

Mia Rose wanted to stay true to her personal taste, creating jewelry with minimalist and elegant features, which could be used alone or in combination with each other. The main intention was that they matched her favorite style, naturally chic.

The collection contains close to 30 pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, such as hoops or earcuffs. Composed of 925 sterling silver jewelry with 14K gold plated, pearls and setting, all of them contain the singer’s signature on the inside and an amethyst stone, which symbolizes January, the month of Mia Rose’s birthday.

These jewels, created according to the actress’ personal taste, are on sale in stores across the country, including the Unike Jewelery pop-up store that recently opened at Norteshopping. Prices range from €24.95 to €59.95. Mia Rose intends this collection to be considered “essentials” that belong in any jewelry box.

Mia Rose is Portuguese-English, having been born in London to an English father and Portuguese mother. In 2010, she released the book “Mia Rose-15 Steps to Be a Star in Music”. She has participated in television projects such as “I Love It”, in 2013, and “Pequenos Gigantes”, both on TVI, and in Brazilian and North American series.

He has already done some dubbing and, in 2017, he released his first album, “Tudo Para Dar”. She is the author of singles such as “Whisper”, “Take My Hand” and “Nada Vou Mudar”. In 2018, she was the mother of Mateus, the result of her relationship with Miguel Cristovinho, a musician from DAMA, with whom she married in 2017 and from whom she separated in 2020.

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