Capital Inicial and Marina Sena release version of "Natasha"

Capital Inicial and Marina Sena release version of “Natasha”

Capital Inicial re-records “Natasha” with Marina Sena – Photo: Leo Aversa

“Natasha” gained today (22.07) new life in the voices of Dinho Ouro Preto and Marina Sena. Now available on digital platforms, the track is part of the band’s new album and DVD, entitled 4.0. As the name implies, the project celebrates the four-decade anniversary of one of the biggest rock bands in Brazil, with a look to the future and inviting new generations to the party. The performance was recorded live at Cidade das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro, and features musical production by Dudu Marote, artistic direction by Batman Zavareze and lighting design by Cesio Lima.


Excited to share vocals with Marina Sena, Dinho explains the inspiration behind the track and how the feat. adds a special touch to the song:

“Time has passed and Natasha continues to be a reference for many girls. People always ask me who Natasha is, whether she exists or not. And I always have to say that, in fact, she is a set of different people that I’ve known throughout my life. But I believe she remains, over so many years, she’s turning 22, she’s coming of age, she remains a symbol for many girls of empowerment, freedom, mostly that. That’s why she looks so cool in Marina’s voice, because she’s a super-powered girl. ”

Cover of the single “Natasha” – Photo: publicity

Marina says she is living a dream. At 25 years old, the singer is part of the generation that grew up listening to this classic of Brazilian rock. Today, with her career on the rise, Marina Sena represents the new generation of popular music in Brazil and makes the perfect connection between past and future, bringing “Natasha” to 2022 in style. The young girl from Minas remembers how she prepared to live the famous character and tells a little about the influence of “Natasha” in her life:

“Look, ‘Natasha’, to me, is an entity. I want to make a statue of Natasha, because I really wanted to be her. And when I was a teenager, I thought I was Natasha herself. Not for the illegal stuff part, but for the courage it brings. Natasha is really part of the formation of my personality. ‘The world is going to end, and she just wants to dance’, I think is the part I sing most fervently. Singing with Capital Inicial, people, for God’s sake, the people of Taiobeiras will go crazy, no one will believe I’m singing with them. Singing with Capital Inicial is part of my dreaming big thing. I loved shooting it, because I embodied the character, it even includes a hangover. I had a little drink the day before, because if I’m going to record Natasha, I have to come with Natasha’s personality. I loved singing this song so much, mainly because I like to sing in a nervous way. And this song allows me to be edgy. ”

Watch the video here:

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