How is Maison Terroir, a luxury retreat in the countryside of São Paulo – 07/25/2022

Just put your feet on the Maison Terroir, a new luxury retreat in the interior of São Pauloto realize that the art of welcoming there is taken to the maximum level of reception.

As if waiting for an old friend to arrive, the vice president of operations, Ariadne Silva, was waiting for me at the entrance to the historic mansion to offer refreshment and show all the environments of the property.

Among them are the cozy living room with fireplace and Steinberg piano, the pompous dining table, the very exclusive wine cellar (with labels that cost a few thousand reais) and the pleasant veranda facing the infinity pool, framed by imposing cypresses amidst the beautiful scenery of Mantiqueira.

What is Maison Terroir like?

Heloísa Cestari

Maison Terroir has landscaping signed by Gilberto Elkis

Opening in June 2022 to guests, this new lodging complex is an experience in itself. The impression is that your senses are heightened at all times.

While the landscaping designed by Gilberto Elkis and the artistic touches of the decoration delight the eye, the excellent cuisine graces the palate and the unmistakable aroma of coffee produced on the farm awakens the olfactory memory.

And don’t think it’s just a pleasant coincidence if your favorite song is playing on TV the moment you walk into your private villa. After all, everything there is carefully thought out to make you feel more like a dear guest of the hosts.

The secret? Days before check-in, the prospective guest receives a form with questions ranging from dietary restrictions to music preferences. You can even request transfer from São Paulo in an armored car with driver!

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Where is Maison Terroir located?

THE Maison Terroir located at Km 5 of Estrada Municipal Dr. Renato Ferrara, in Bragança Paulista, 88 km from the city of São Paulo and just 25 km from neighboring Atibaia.

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Photos of Maison Terroir

Check out some of the gallery Maison Terroir picturesoption of luxury accommodation in the interior of São Paulo:

Things to do at Maison Terroir

Heloísa Cestari

Ricardo Rufino Junior next to the Aromas de Bragança cafes

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for peace or fun: there’s always plenty things to do at Maison Terroir. The idea is to offer comfort, privacy and a wide menu of exclusive experiences.

Starting with the ‘from Foot to Cup’ tour, which visit the coffee plantations on the farm and presents the entire production process of the award-winning Aromas de Bragança coffee, produced on the property and already elected among the best in Brazil.

The grain harvest takes place between mid-April and July, but it is possible to take the tour at any time of the year. Specialist Ricardo Rufino Junior accompanies the tour, tells curious facts and explains the entire process, from the selection of the beans on the foot to the roasting.

The region’s terroir is one of the best in the world. for the production of coffee, since it brings together a set of unique characteristics, ranging from the microclimate of lower temperatures and high altitude to the nutrients in the soil, which define the sensory profile of the bean. The result is a unique coffee, with balanced sweetness and acidity and notes of caramel, sugar cane and spices.

Heloísa Cestari

Brunch at the train station

As well as tasting the coffee itself, the tour also includes breakfast or brunch served at a charming train station that makes the thought travel to the golden phase of the coffee cycle, with a locomotive and two wagons from the 19th century restored with all the pomp of the time.

Intimate events and dinners can also be held there, in an atmosphere that overflows with history.

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Family attractions in the interior of São Paulo


Horseback Riding at Maison Terroir

In addition to the coffee experience, those who want to experience the best of rural tourism will find a series of activities in contact with nature, such as trails with different degrees of difficulty that can be explored for the practice of trekking, mountain biking or horseback riding.

The experiences with horses, by the way, deserve a separate chapter. With the help of certified instructors, children and adults can participate in riding lessons in a stud farm fully equipped with a roundabout, mini track and official track.

There is even one exclusive program for children, in which girls aged 6 to 17 have the opportunity to get to know the horse, brush it and ride it before being introduced to the theory and practice of the traditional 3-Drum Trial.

After the private lesson, anyone who wants to can participate in a mini-competition. Or just enjoy lunch at the stalls around the track, with the right to barbecue on a skewer, pastel, popcorn, cotton candy and ice cream.

the stud farm Maison Terroir It also offers accommodation for horses, horseback riding of up to four hours, carriage rides and individual lessons for the 3-drum competition.

Heloísa Cestari

toy library

Wellness activities can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, with yoga, stretching, and personal trainer classes, plus relaxing massages by appointment.

Fishing lakes, helipad, chapel for religious ceremonies, hairdressing salon upon reservation, kids space with playroom, sports court, sand court for beach tennis and barbecue complete the leisure infrastructure of the Maison Terroir.

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How much does it cost to stay at Maison Terroir

The new luxury hideaway in the interior of São Paulo counts with eight suites in the main house, Maison Bleu, and five independent lodging villas – Sunset, Herons, Country, New York and Moroccan –, which accommodate up to 50 people in total. Each villa has a different concept and is positioned in an exclusive location with complete privacy.

Daily rates range from R$1,600 to R$12,000. Therefore, before booking, it is worth checking the profile, capacity and prices of each accommodation:

Maison Bleu

Heloísa Cestari

Maison Bleu facade

Imposing main house on the farm, Maison Bleu preserves the colonial architecture of the 19th century and is carefully decorated with furniture, works of art and crockery that refer to the refinement of the great coffee lords.

There are 15 suites that accommodate up to 20 people in total, and a large balcony, from where you can see the infinity pool with whirlpool and the gazebo. L’Occitane amenities, safe, wi-fi, pay TV and hot and cold air conditioning complete the facilities.

The space also houses the kitchen, from which the most varied timeless dishes of haute cuisine come out, providing a meeting of the senses sharpened by the harmonization with the best labels of the cellar.

In the social areas of the mansion there is also a living room with piano, dining room, wine cellar, room with smart TV, playroom, happy hour space, gourmet space, terrace and fireplace.

Daily rate: R$ 12 thousand, referring to the rent of the main house with private and heated pool and spa, private concierge service, housekeeping and breakfast for up to 16 people.

Vila das Garças

Heloísa Cestari

Vila das Garças

It is one of the most charming villages in Maison Terroirand was contemplated with a beautiful spectacle of nature: the flight of herons in the late afternoon among the bushes.

The space has an equipped kitchen, a master suite, an annex with three bedrooms, heated pool, terrace with barbecue, dining room and a cozy living room with smart TV and fireplace for moments with family or friends.

In the rooms there are bed and bath linens, L’Occitane amenities, safe, Wi-Fi and hot and cold air conditioning.

Daily rate: R$ 5,200 for up to 10 guests (rental of a house with private heated pool, concierge service and breakfast served in a common area of ​​the property).

Sunset Village


Sunset Village

The magic of a beautiful sunset was the inspiration for this charming village that has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Maison Terroir.

The feeling is of being in an exclusive country house with a living room, smart TV, dining room, equipped kitchen, terrace with barbecue, two triple bedrooms and a quadruple suite (all with bed linen and towels, L’Occitane amenities , safe, wi-fi and hot and cold air conditioning).

Daily rate: R$ 4,200 for up to 12 guests (rental of the house with concierge service and breakfast served in the common area of ​​the property).

Country Village


Country Village

It has an intimate, country-inspired layout that connects all environments and is perfect for honeymooners.

In this loft, you will find bed and bath linen, L’Occitane amenities, safe, wi-fi, hot and cold air conditioning, living space with smart TV, equipped kitchen and terrace with barbecue.

Daily rate: R$ 1,600 for up to three people (includes house rental with concierge service and breakfast served in the common area of ​​the property).

Moroccan village

Heloísa Cestari

Moroccan village

A huge themed villa, measuring 740 m², with arabesque decor, chandeliers, fabrics, rugs and furniture that envelop the guest in an authentic Moroccan atmosphere.

Highlight for the private outdoor patio, which houses an exclusive heated pool and functions as a foyer for social events, in addition to a living room with smart TV, dining room, indoor fireplace and equipped kitchen.

In the room, bed and bath linen, L’Occitane amenities, safe, Wi-F, air conditioning and space heaters.

Daily rate: R$ 3,600 for up to three people (rental of the house with private heated pool, concierge service and breakfast served in the common area of ​​the property).

new york village

Heloísa Cestari

new york village

It has a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, with minimalist decor that combines the modernity of a metropolis with the simplicity of the countryside.

The structure includes a heated pool and a foyer for social events, as well as a living room with smart TV, dining room, indoor fireplace and equipped kitchen.

In the rooms, bed and bath linen, L’Occitane amenities, safe, wi-fi, air conditioning and space heaters.

Daily rate: R$ 1,600 for up to three people (rental of the house with private heated pool, concierge service and breakfast served in the common area of ​​the property).

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social commitment

A differential of Maison Terroir is that part of the value of the daily rates is reverted to the TurmaD project, which encourages the training of students. The educational program is not for profit and currently serves, individually, more than 70 students from different areas of Brazil.

Support ranges from the purchase of notebooks and internet access to monthly financial aid, depending on the needs of each student. The objective is to alleviate the difficulties faced by them to graduate in courses at technical and higher levels. Find out more at official site.

How to book at Maison Terroir

Heloísa Cestari

Maison Terroir, in Braganca Paulista

The luxury retreat in the interior of São Paulo is located on Estrada Municipal Dr. Renato Ferrara, km 5, Estr. to Bocaína, Bragança Paulista. To make a reservation at Maison Terroir, access the link below:

Make your reservation at Maison Terroir here

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