Como usar a serralheria e impressionar na decoração

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor

Perfect for composing industrial-style projects, the material adds functionality, solves questions and produces unique effects in environments.

Versatile and capable of dictating the essence of any room in residential or even commercial properties, the locksmith is a trend in interior decor. Even though it is a trademark of the industrial style, it presents an abundance of options that can appear in other architectural proposals, and can vary in the color palette and thickness that are directly related to functionality and concept. At experts Juliana Durando and Ana Cristina Emrichin front of JADE Architecture and Designexplain how to use the material to create custom designs.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
In this project signed by the JADE Architecture and Design duo, the sawmill’s main objective was to bring personality to the project, with custom-designed furniture and shelves for the apartment | Photo: Luana Castro

According to professionals, a thicker, black-toned metal is ideal for the industrial style, while a thin cut with brass plating or gold paint evokes a classic aesthetic. But, in most cases, the locksmith is not used just for the look. The material also resolves issues related to the space available in the project.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
For example, here, the design of the sawmill between the living room and the kitchen visually divides the environments, without losing integration, and served to hide an existing pillar in the “middle” of the spaces | Photo: Luana Castro

In our projects, we have already used it as a structure for carpentry, in the design of furniture such as sideboards, beverage carts, coffee tables and shelves, with built-in lighting, serving as a lamp, among many others.”, reveal the architect Ana Cristina to the interior designer Juliana.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
The locksmith shop behind the sofa serves as a sideboard and a division of the environment, without losing the integration of the room as a whole. The furniture was custom designed to ‘hug’ the sofa and protect the upholstery | Photo: Luana Castro

Despite this, it is necessary to pay attention to the final value of the project, as the sawmill can greatly affect the financial disbursement of the residents. One way to avoid breaking the budget is to apply black paint, which in addition to making the cost lower, is a good alternative for those who want personalized furniture and details, but do not want to invest in pieces signed by great designers. Thus, it is not necessary to give up the exclusive design or go beyond the budget.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
In the entrance hall of the property, the sawmill was used as an adornment to frame the mirror and create a narrow bookcase with a shelf that receives the painting. Photo: Luana Castro

According to the duo from Jade Arquitetura e Design, there is no limit to the use of metalwork: it can be present in all environments, from the entrance hall, to shelves and sideboards; in the living room, on coffee tables or side tables and even the service area, executing the design of a rod to support ironed clothes.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
In the bathroom, the material is also functional and decorative, however, it is necessary to apply a primer to protect the metal. The painting, on the other hand, needs to be electrostatic, to increase the durability of the locksmith shop | Photo: Luana Castro

Another great advantage of this material is its versatility, which allows it to be easily combined with different elements. “It all depends on the project concept. It can work with light or dark wood, with stone or with more rustic coatings”, they say. Metal paint colors themselves present an immense range of possibilities. Despite black being the best value for money, gold, bronze and gray are equally interesting trends.”, emphasize Ana Cristina and Juliana.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
In the case of the kitchen designed by the office, the sawmill completed the useful space of the countertop, overlapping the stone and creating a cleaner and hollowed out detail that received the stools | Photo: Luana Castro

In fact, joining with the joinery helps to improve the cost, as it is possible to create cleaner and lighter shelves. Without cabinet boxes and only shelves, the value of woodworking items tend to decrease. In addition, the mixture of the two elements is perfect to guarantee a unique proposal, full of personality.

The combination of metal and wood is common in private libraries, however, it is very important to pay attention to the weight of the books before specifying the thickness of the locksmith. To ensure that the shelf really supports the volume of items, the experts’ recommendation is to consider a safety margin in case of change in use over time or even the overload of copies, going beyond what was foreseen. initially.

When it comes to thickness, the secret really is this: understanding how that piece of furniture will be used. For example, on wide benches, 30x30mm metal can be used to support the load. In smaller pieces of furniture, it is already possible to go with 15x15mm. In narrow shelves, there is the possibility of executing the production with 20x20mm – always observing the weight of what will be placed in each one of them.

How to use locksmiths and impress in decor
Designed so that the customer could access the double height shelves, the staircase helped to compose the environment, ensuring an extra charm for the space | Photo: Ludmilla Oliveira

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