Invitation to all furniture and mattress retailers: Shall we retail?

Invitation to all furniture and mattress retailers: Shall we retail?

Invitation to all furniture and mattress retailers: Shall we retail?

Why is the world seen at Formóbile not the world seen in furniture stores? And I’m not even talking about startups because in these you only see the deadline and the discount. By the way, after a big meeting at the company’s headquarters in Curitiba with furniture manufacturers, MadeiraMadeira announced discounts of up to 60% and cashback…

But to answer the question I asked, you need to consider a few factors. I explain:

It is not today that we insist on the lack of retail competence to serve customers and, in fact, sell to the customer. Well, now comes a survey carried out by SoluCX, which collected more than 32 thousand opinions from consumers across the country and evaluated 67 brands in the furniture, electronics and decoration market. Among the brands surveyed are Magalu, Casas Bahia, Americanas, Ponto, Marabraz, Tok&Stok and Mobly (it’s on our portal). What was the conclusion? The furniture, electronics and decoration stores had sales channels, offers, cost-effectiveness and product quality as their strengths. Customer service and support are the main negatives in the experience. As for the quality offer, it should refer to electronics, because the stores surveyed have few really quality furniture.

Disability on the shop floor. This has been the most relevant factor for technology, usage resources, new materials… seen at the suppliers’ fair not being in the furniture that is in stores. Furniture is not expensive, it has never been expensive. My dear shopkeeper, if you show your customer that the 5,600 reais sofa, which will be in full use for the next three years, will only represent 5 reais a day of comfort and beauty in your living room, that’s coffee price at the corner bar.

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It’s not price, it’s what you buy, That’s what you’re sure you’re taking home. And the place to sell furniture and mattresses is in the physical store. I’ll give an example that proves that I’m right. The biggest mattress seller in Brazil, a title he received from the Anuário de Colchões Brasil for his performance in sales per capita, is in a city with less than 20,000 inhabitants (Itaiópolis-SC) and reaches a market of no more than 100,000 inhabitants , formed mostly by farmers. Motivated by the title she received, Iris Gelbcke commissioned a mattress line, developed to her specifications and her signature. The mattresses were priced between R$6,989 for a King and R$3,289 for a single. With promotion and competence, one hundred and twenty days later she had sold 111 pieces.

That’s why I invite all furniture and mattress retailers: Let’s retail. In fact, the term “retail” is attributed to Emi Ohashi, regional manager at Tok&Stok, who has trained more than a thousand people and promoted many more in her 22 years at the company.

Here between us: I insist on instigating all links in the furniture chain, but mainly retailers, and what encourages us is the willingness of manufacturers and suppliers to improve the sector, change behavior in the face of more difficult situations and fight to make shopkeepers who are still resist innovation, understand that it’s not about price, let alone selling cheap products. It’s about having competence and empowering your store floor team to achieve results and profits.

So, let’s go retail?

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