Ivete Sangalo debuted as a presenter in 1998

Ivete Sangalo debuted as a presenter in 1998

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7/24/2022 1:39 pm

Ivete Sangalo a complete artist! The star sings, dances, acts, presents, interviews and, this Sunday (24/07) is consecrated as the newest presenter of TV Globo. The singer debuts Ivete’s Popcorn, but in fact, the role played by the most beloved Bahian woman in Brazil for 24 years. Although it is now the first time that she has won her own attraction, in 1998 she took command of the spacecraft to cover the maternity leave of Xuxa Meneghel in the now extinct Planet Xuxa. At the time, Veveta was still the lead singer of Banda Eva.

Remember other participations of Ivete on the small screen:

brave people

in the series brave people (2001), produced by Guel Arraes, Ivete Sangalo became an actress and gave life to Roslia, a fiery woman who horns Geneval (Mauro Mendona) in the episode the fashion of the horn. The husband, however, ignores his beloved’s betrayal and becomes a joke among his friends.

Globo Station

Globo Station it was Ivete’s first program. Presented by the baiana arretada on Sunday afternoons and was on the air from 2004 to 2009. The attraction had several musical performances.

The Brazilian

The Brazilian (2012) was shown in 22 episodes independent of each other. In the series by director Daniel Filho, Ivete played the character Raquel, a woman known for getting into trouble and, precisely because of that, she was called Salvador’s Disaster.


Also in 2012, in the remake of the novel Gabriela, Sangalo gave life to Maria Machado, owner of the Bataclan cabar. In the plot written by Walcyr Carrasco and inspired by the novel of the same name by Jorge Amado, he played opposite Antonio Fagundes.

Super star

The singer was in the first season of the musical reality show that reveals new bands in 2014. The groups’ performances were evaluated by the judges and mentors of the Super star: Ivete Sangalo, Dinho Ouro Preto and Fbio Jr.

Super beautiful

Between 2015 and 2016, Sangalo presented the Super beautiful on the GNT channel. The program focuses on the universe of beauty, alternating interviews with great female personalities and reports on makeup accessories, haircuts, hair removal and technological innovations in the cosmetics industry.

The Voice Kids

In 2016 and 2016, she participated in two editions of the The Voice Kids as a coach on the reality show that selected the best children’s voice in Brazil. She was the winner of the second season with Thomas Machado, the boy won more than half of the public vote.

The Voice Brazil

In 2019, Sangalo was also coach in the The Voice Brazil for three seasons.

Good Music Live

Veveta started to command the program of Multishow in the seventh season, in 2020, and was also front in 2021. The program Good Music Live it was an auditorium and took great names from different musical styles to perform.

The Masked Singer

Ivete commanded the two seasons of the reality show The Masked Singer in which personalities present themselves completely masked and, each attraction, only one of them unmasked.

It is worth mentioning that Ivete Sangalo also appeared as herself in the serials tropical paradise (2007), full of charm (2012) in the humorous Cassette & Urgent Planet (1992-2010) and the children’s series Yellow Woodpecker’s Site (2001), adapted from the homonymous work by Monteiro Lobato. All Globo productions.

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