MARTE Festival discloses the schedules of its 4th edition

MARTE Festival discloses the schedules of its 4th edition

MARS festival – Photo: publicity

After an online edition, the MARS Festival resumes its face-to-face activities in 2022, taking music, art and technology, once again, to the historic city of Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais. The Casa da Ópera, the Annex of the Museu da Inconfidência, the Casa de Gonzaga and Praça Tiradentes will host concerts by artists such as Agnes Nunes, tuyo and vhoor, in addition to performances, panels, lectures and free workshops, between the 26th and 30th of July. Entrance is free.


“The fourth edition of the Marte Festival strengthens the concept of an event that is concerned not only with bringing news about innovation in the arts, but also provoking discussions about how the market absorbs these technologies and what the consequences are for socioeconomic and sustainable development. cities”, says Barral Lima, creator and director of the festival.

MARTE also brings shows of E d g a r, Forró Red Light, Getúlio Abelha, Barnacle, nobat, Kastrup, Stew, Maíra Baldaia, Jesus Lumma & Kluber, DJ Black Josie, Reveal Ensemble + Carla Sceno & Sergio Pererê. In parallel with the musical programming, the festival promotes debates on the music market with Ana Cecilia (Cultural Producer), Ana Morena (Of the sun), Barral Lima (CEo Grupo UN Music and Music Producer), Bia Nogueira (IMMUNE), Carol de Amar (Sarará and Lagum Festival), Dani Ribas (Sonar Cultural Consulting), Daniel Morelo (Formemus), Eddu Porto (Let’s GIG), Guilherme Coutinho (Phonolite), Gustavo Vasconcelos (PPM), Guttie (REC Beat), Ivanna Tolotti (Thumb), Kdu dos Anjos (From Favelinha), Kelson Douglas (Director of Innovation and Technology at Ouro Preto City Hall), Laura Damasceno (Taboom), Léo Moraes (authentic), Lulis Gontijo (Retail), Márcio Buzelin (Jota Quest and Black Sun), Pablo Bishop (Embrasa Co-founder and Music Producer), Simone Marçal (Formemus) and Soraia Ferreira (MS Culture Foundation).

The program is completed with the workshop “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for creative and cultural enterprises”, held by Erick Krulikowskiprofessor, consultant and speaker specializing in creative clusters, and the performances of artists Collective Collectors, cage man, 1MPAR and LUV.

MARTE Festival is a project implemented through the State Law of Incentive to Culture of Minas Gerais. The fourth edition is organized by Ultra Music, sponsored by Claro in partnership with the Ouro Preto City Hall.

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