Monte Alegre de Sergipe celebrated the anniversary of the Soiree at the Bandstand – FaxAju

Monte Alegre de Sergipe celebrated the anniversary of the Soiree at the Bandstand – FaxAju

The population of Monte Alegre gathered last Saturday night, 07/23/22, around the bandstand, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Sarau no Bandstand. This project is the result of a dream conceived in the classroom between teacher and student, during high school when the latter was studying, and came to fruition in July 2017.

Along the way, the project has gained the support of new members of the community, as each month the resisters meet to discuss a social issue, recite poems, listen to music and create bonds. With this harmony, the project solidifies. It is worth noting that there is no financial purpose in this action, but the embrace of artists, poets, musicians and others with the purpose of preserving, supporting and rescuing the local culture.

The plurality of presentations, a hallmark of the Sarau, was one of the characteristics of the night, with the presentation of the “Ouro Branco” gang from the community of Santa Rosa do Ermírio, Poço Redondo; declamation of the monologue “Magoas do Caboclo” by the gloriense writer Dona Janete made by the poet and actor Rafael de Souza; poem recitations by students Adriene Costa and Kerolly Louranny. In addition to them, the public was graced with poems by Eunice Guimarães (academic of the Municipalist Academy of Sergipe), Alaide Costa (academic of the Sergipe Academy of Cordel), Maria Rita (president of the Academia Sancristovense de Letras e Artes) and Fred Dantas (coordinator of the Sergipe Poetic Café). There was music with Johny Fiel, Cris Rodrigues, Zuza and the band Forró Alegre, moda de viola with Humberto, Luidi and Yudi (child singers) and the Sergipe duo Chico Queiroga and Antônio Rogério. There was also an exhibition of handicrafts produced by artisans Fátima and Helena.

In addition to this cultural diversity, the “Amigo(a) do Sarau no Coreto” Award was given to three people who contributed and continue to contribute to the project. This award is a way that the creators (Carlos Alexandre and Matheus Borges) found to honor people who believe in action. The honorees were Felipe Alves da Silva for always making the sound available for the realization of editions, Gismário Oliveira Correia Filho (Geninho de Zé de Dé) for being the author, when he was a councilor, of the bill recognizing the Soiree in the Bandstand as Heritage Cultural and Intangible Municipality and Martha Danielly do Nascimento Melo for embracing each of the project’s actions.

In order to raise funds to promote the actions of the Sarau, a raffle was held for a literary kit, iron and stove, with the winners being Kauã Alves (Literary Kit) with the number 42 and Robson Soares (Ferro e Stogão) with the numbers 146 and 149).

The event was attended by the community, visitors, teachers, students and authorities such as Marinez Pereira (municipal mayor), councilors Cicero Geonilton and Robson Soares (Bicinho da Society), Secretary General – Luciano Lino, Secretary of Health – Evandro Silva, Secretary of Social Action – Marília, Secretary of Culture, Sport, Leisure and Tourism – Rafael Bonfim, Former Mayor Edmilson Canuto, Former Councilors Acrísio Pereira and Júnior Farias, Aline Vasconcelos (Mayor of Poço Redondo), Júnior Chagas ( former mayor of Poço Redondo) and councilor Kakinha of Poço Redondo. We also have the presence of writers Jailton (Nossa Senhora das Dores), Idenilson (Porto da Folha), Zé Nunes (Monte Alegre de Sergipe), Carla Cristina (Aracaju) and the musician Jilberto (Santa Rosa do Ermírio) among others and others. .

We appreciate the support of the community, the hug from the visitors, the participation of the musicians, poets, members of the “Ouro Branco” gang, the collaboration of each person who helped in the raffle. In addition to these partners, we would like to thank other supporters such as Federal Deputy João Daniel, former state deputy Ana Lúcia, musician André Lucas (Dé Lucas), Coletivo dos Saraus, Municipal Mayor Marinez Pereira, Councilman Robson Soares (Bicinho of the Society), Municipal Secretary of Works on behalf of Secretary Bebeto Martins, Evandro Silva – Municipal Secretary of Health, Secretary of Agriculture on behalf of Secretary Aroldo, Kakinha councilor of Poço Redondo, Municipality of Poço Redondo in the person of Mayor Aline Vasconcelos, Thaise Muller director of the 28 de Janeiro Center of Excellence, Aldiane Goes director of the Center of Excellence Professora Noêmia de Souza, Santa Rosa do Ermírio-Poço Redondo, Taberna Viracopos, NB Distribuidora, Mercearia RE, TV Sergipe, website FAXAJU, journalist Claudio Nunes and Capital do Sertão website.

By Carlos Alexandre N. Aragão

Teacher and Creator of Sarau no Bandstand

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