The new Cata Vassalo collection is for women in love with flowers – NiT

The new Cata Vassalo collection is for women in love with flowers – NiT

The new Cata Vassalo collection is for women in love with flowers

The pieces were created to be shared among friends, a kind of celebration of friendship.

It was co-created with Rita Patrocínio.

On July 30th, Friendship Day is celebrated. It’s the special time to be cheesy and tell those important people what we feel. Who is not sentimental, can always offer a gift. And Cata Vassalo has the perfect proposals for that, especially now, after the launch of its new line that took place on July 5th.

“The concept of this collection has been in my head for several months now. I didn’t have a date in mind, I didn’t even know what would come out of here but the astromelia [uma flor], all its symbolism and the relationship with friendship has always been very present in my sketches and drawings over the last few years”, tells NiT Catarina Vassalo, who is 39 years old. It was inspired by this plant that materialized something as abstract as friendship.

The line follows a kind of tradition already implemented by Catarina Vassalo. All collections released so far have been influenced by nature and people. “Astromelia has the kind of beauty, delicacy and shapes that I like. It was a happy combination that later joined Rita [Patrocínio, que também participou na criação da nova linha] and the way she sees the world too”.

Despite the similarities, there is a big difference between this one and the other creations. In fact, it is something that had never been done by the Portuguese brand: “This range is the first that was designed to be shared”, he reveals. It is traditional for us to exchange jewelry between friends and families, which are then passed on from generation to generation. and they are always a gift that never fails.

However, here, it is not a simple exchange of gifts. “I wanted to create pieces that could be used between friends and, therefore, offered with added symbolism.”

For this, he created a set of three rings that can be placed separately or together on the same finger. Which, for Cata Vassalo, represents true friendship. Prices are more affordable, so they can be offered separately or together.

On the other hand, there are pairs of earrings that can be divided and paired with each other. That is, you can buy and offer an isolated earring, and keep the other, always matching those important people in your life.

Choosing an accessory is difficult, says the person in charge, but there are some examples of the collection that she manages to highlight. In addition to the set, for example, there is the most eye-catching ring among its peers. Called Empatheia and it’s a gold-plated proposal something that is present in all the news adorned with a small pearl.

The new brand proposals can be purchased online. Click on the gallery to see them, with their prices.

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The Sadiq ring costs €33.

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