the Portuguese brand that creates minimalist and customizable jewelry – NiT

the Portuguese brand that creates minimalist and customizable jewelry – NiT

Esquivel Jewelery: the Portuguese brand that creates minimalist and customizable jewelry

The designer is inspired by famous monuments to sculpt unique pieces in silver and gold, which she can give her personal touch.

It all started as a hobby for Sofia Esquivel. The pieces of jewelry that she created in her room were spread among friends until, without waiting, she began to be approached by strangers who wanted to know everything about the accessories she wore. “I remember being in London ordering a coffee and the person who served me said he liked my earrings and asked where I had bought them,” the 34-year-old entrepreneur tells NiT. As the year began, the business moved from its circle of friends and acquaintances to a wider audience. The beginning of summer was, however, the time when the person in charge began to truly promote the brand.

In the English capital, he attended a studio with other artists, where they created interactive sculptures, in addition to various artistic projects. She has a degree in architecture, scenography and took a goldsmith course. These different strands are perfectly represented in Esquivel Jewelery. “I have always felt very inspired by architecture. I knew I could use that inspiration and those references in another world. When I started making articles by hand, I found the perfect balance between these passions.”

The process is very similar to the design of buildings and structures, with raised hand drawing, mockups, 3D modeling and prototypes, before the final product is delivered to the customer. The different stages mean that Sofia often spends three days creating a single accessory. “Each piece is inspired by a different landmark, or a specific architectural style.” She is inspired by light and shapes, and works a lot with lines, always applying a contrast of textures. “Some faces are polished, and others are more scratched,” she describes. Bringing both passions together again, she explains that, also in her brand, “the starting point is the scale of the human body”.

The label stands out for the limited editions of exclusive proposals made of silver and gold. Production is carried out entirely in Portugal. However, it is also possible to offer customers unique and exclusive creations, because the earrings, necklaces and other accessories are customizable.

This freedom ends up giving life to stories that are as cute as they are fun. “One of the items in the new collection was created with the Pantheon in Rome in mind. I made it for a friend’s wedding, because that’s where he proposed.” He shared the photo on Instagram and requests poured in to make it available to all other customers. “It may bring some fruits”, jokes the artist.

Esquivel Jewelery’s latest bet is the Avilla necklace, which has been available for about a month. The piece, also made at the request of a client, was very successful on social media. Despite this novelty, the Haus ABC rings are the favorite creation. They are “inspired by the minimal signature of the roofs of the buildings of the [arquiteto] Aires Mateus. There are three rings, each with a different design. “They are modular. Depending on the combination you make, you always get a different composition, with a unique landscape and city.” The creative process is driven by the different colors they present: gold and silver.

As a 21st century slow fashion brand, it values ​​social responsibility. In packaging, materials produced with recycled paper and food waste are mostly used, and it is the person responsible who assembles them. Another of the issues cherished by the brand is equality between men and women, having created a gender-free insignia. Everyone can use those accessories. Actor Nuno Nolasco, for example, walked the red carpet of the Sophia awards with a personalized creation of the brand. Click on the gallery and discover some of Esquivel Jewelerys creations and their prices. You can consult the rest of the collection at site.

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Haus ABC rings are the creator’s favorites. They cost 75€.

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