The return of the 2000s in music, decoration, fashion and beauty

The return of the 2000s in music, decoration, fashion and beauty

Trends are cyclical and over the years they come and go. It was the turn of the 80s and, more recently, the 90s, but the comeback of the time is the 2000s. The decade really came back with force among the trends of the moment and it even has a name. The trend called Y2K is derived from “year 2000”, where the Y represents the word year (year) in English, and 2k, for 2000, since the letter K stands for a thousand.

A creative and even controversial time for some, marked by so much information, the 2000s still have a special place in the hearts of many and has been conquering younger generations with an aesthetic that goes beyond fashion and extends to music, decoration. , makeup and hair. With that in mind, we talked to some ‘experts’ to better understand this very special return for millennials.

For DJ and businesswoman Carol Pedrosa, 2000s nostalgia has already arrived in music. “Even in conversations with friends and other producers and DJs I feel it’s a topic that’s been talked about more often. We receive a lot of information, a lot of release all the time, and sometimes this attachment to musical nostalgia is a way of always going back to our origins, and remembering what in a way shaped our musical taste”, she comments.

Carol reveals that she has already noticed that when she plays a more nostalgic set, the public, in general in the same age group as her, enjoys it much more and sings along. “I have two sets that I affectionately nicknamed Hip Hop do Boliche and Antônios Café. Anyone who lived in the 2000s in Manaus knows what I’m talking about. The most played are the oldies pop, Rihanna, Britney, Nelly Furtado, No Doubt. And for those who lived their emo/hardcore phase, there’s also Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Paramore”, highlights the DJ.

According to Carol, in addition to the music of the 2000s, which has been responsible for shaping her entire musical taste to this day, the experiences of the period are also ‘blamed’ for filling her with nostalgia. “I particularly love remembering when I started the transition from listening to my favorite songs at home to going out and dancing to these songs at parties. There’s a whole memory even of the looks of that time. I’m dying to have a party with this theme. Who knows, it’s coming!”, she declared.

According to art curator André Porto, the return of the 2000s is a trend that can also be seen in home decor. Porto defends that design and decoration are directly influenced by fashion.

“What we see on runways and shop windows almost always translates to decor. Whether in colors, shapes or dimensions. The 2000s, in turn, gained prominence for their striking colors, fun elements and transparent pieces. Maximalism was the definition of the moment. Dining tables with different chairs, colored walls, neon colors, plush whether on rugs or pillows,” he explained.

When asked what trend in decoration from the 2000s he would leave forgotten in the past, Porto was emphatic: “what can stay in 2000 and never come back is the plush in rugs and pillows. The monochromatic and pale kitchens, since kitchens today are integrated parts of houses and no longer segregated, so they must print the personality of those who live too. And home theaters, speakers, dvd players are very much in evidence in living rooms”.

The truth is that the fashion and beauté universe is always coming back with references from the iconic decades, so it’s no surprise that we face the return of Y2K beauty trends. The mix of prints, materials and styles is more than approved by the Y2K mood, and the more fashion information, the better. The style is marked by a mix of sporty, preppy and futuristic movement vibes.

Colored lenses are one of the strongest trends of the beginning of the century and have been present in the productions of foreign influencers for years. Knitted dresses with gradient patterns were a hit in the 2000s and after being out of the fashion scene for more than a decade, they promise to return in 2022. The same goes for overlapping belts, which don’t have much functionality, but are necessary items in the style.

In terms of beauty, trends like gloss-covered lips and super-thin eyebrows, which became controversial years ago, are making their triumphant return. Another beauty trend that a lot of people roll their eyes is cool-toned eyeshadows, but they’ve been winning back their space. Colors ranging from mint green to pastel pink look more modern when paired with pigmented tones. And if there’s one thing that defines the 2000s, it’s sparkles. From hair gels to body creams, there are many ways to go out there looking completely lit. And for those who want something more impactful, the application of rhinestones is always a solution.



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