“Improbable”: Elisa Stecca celebrates creative process with book and exhibition

“Improbable”: Elisa Stecca celebrates creative process with book and exhibition

Elisa Stecca – Photo: Fabio Correa

From stone to gold, from rubber to silver, from necklace to watercolor, from engraving to installation, from sculpture to box book. Thus, a multifaceted artist, drawing inspiration from varied, non-traditional supports, Elisa Stecca launches the work “Improbable”, which focuses on his most recent production, between 2016 and 2022. Project contemplated with the ProAC Expresso Lei Aldir Blanc, the book will have a cultural launch marathon.

Initially, on August 6, an afternoon of chat and autographs with the author, at the iconic Mário de Andrade Library, in downtown São Paulo. Subsequently, the subject of an exhibition at MACS and ArtRio, in Rio de Janeiro, and at Galeria Lemos de Sá, in Belo Horizonte.

The exhibition of the same name is a compilation of several series portrayed in the book and works as an immersion in the artist’s intense process, who works with creations in flow and ideas that unfold in different media. The book presents Rejane Cintrão. She also curates the exhibition, as well as an interview with the artist, which reveals much of her “unlikely” trajectory.

Elisa studied Law at USP and graduated in Fine Arts at Faap. She studied jewelry with Nelson Alvimstyle with Marie Rucki, from Studio Berçot, in Paris, and various glass techniques at the Pilchuck Glass School, in Seattle. He participated in several exhibitions in national museums and galleries (Museum of Sacred Art, São Paulo Museum of Art, Centro Cultural Vergueiro, Sala Funarte, in Rio de Janeiro) and international (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, The Weissman Museum of Minnesota , The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Cloister of the Basilica of La Purissima Concepción, Spain). In 1993, she opens Elisa Stecca Design, developing projects and pieces of jewelry and design objects.

She presented her collections in fashion shows at Fashion Week, Casa de Criadores, Phytoervas Fashion and at Crossing Fashion in Graz, Austria. In 2011, she released the book “Hoje é o Dia Mais Feliz da Sua Vida” and, in 2019, the book in box format, “Ask the Oracle”, both by Editora Matrix.

In her third book, it is possible to see that Elisa’s work transcends the boundaries of institutional art and explores various means of expression ranging from fashion to jewelry, from writing to gastronomy, in an alchemical and tireless process of self-knowledge and materials connected to nature. , magic, healing and, of course, life. Improvável brings about 100 photos of works from Elisa’s career, highlighting the production carried out in the last five years.

Among them, the exhibition “Silencio”, at the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo, which was a record number of visits at the museum; “Salar, Black is Beautiful” (2020), series using glass and India ink, inspired by the anti-racist struggle and the “Black Lives Matter” movement; “Garimpo” (2021), in which she reflects on illegal mining in Brazil and violence against indigenous peoples until “O Peso dos Sonhos” (2020), in a performance in which the artist herself appears anchored under the weight of stones. The enigmatic and suggestive photo became the cover of the book. A non-verbal communication between the body and the mineral.

“I like to think about objective reality and subjective reality, from a personal point of view, about the possibility of turning our stones into gold. When I use the expression ‘our stones’, I speak of our ills, difficulties, shadows that, through a lot of discipline, when exposed to light, reveal our gold, our best, our precious”, highlights Elisa.

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