Learn how to compose the living room of your dreams - Decoration

Learn how to compose the living room of your dreams – Decoration

In the contemporary reading of architecture, the kitchen competes for the title of heart of the house precisely because of the characteristic of bringing people together. But it is a fact that the living room will always be the room considered the meeting point for residents, who settle in for entertainment in front of the TV or to receive their guests.Find out how to create your dream living room

The living room guides the style of the decorative project. “I like to say that the room must be able to embrace everyone and provide, at the same time, the sensations of comfort and security”, emphasizes the architect Andrea Camillo.

Depending on its configuration and the elements placed there, it can also acquire multiple functions. But how to line them up? To do so, the professional listed the points she observes in her projects.

basic elements

In contrast with the multitude of options, some elements cannot be missing in a living room, regardless of the style adopted. Along with the sofa, the professional highlights the beauty of a rug, curtains to dress the windows, cushions, plants and tailored lighting.

optimizing the living

In addition to the well-known planned furniture, which can greatly optimize spaces, the insertion of “two in one” pieces usually solves the lives of residents. “A pouf can double as a coffee table, as well as serve as a seat on specific occasions”, points out Andrea.


To make day-to-day maintenance simplified, easy-to-clean materials make the resident’s life much better. This is the case of waterproof fabrics considered for sofas, armchairs and chairs, as well as the application of porcelain tiles on floors.

Color palette

In the sequence indicated by the specialist, establishing the color palette is essential for decision making, which is accompanied by textures and formats.


As light is capable of creating the dream atmosphere for any environment, for the living room, the specialist suggests features such as LED crown molding and the arrangement of pieces with AR70 lamps focused on sideboards, tables and various objects. Another possibility is to invest in dichroic versions – low-voltage halogen lamps with an interior composed of a reflective surface.

Hands-on project layout helps decision making

According to Andrea, all decisions need to be made with the project layout in hand. This preview covers both the intended configuration and the measurements – which ensure the harmony and functionality of the environment. “We cannot give up maintaining a comfortable circulation between the furniture and the dialogue in the choices made, which involve both the pieces themselves, as well as fabrics, materials and formats, among other issues”, guides the architect.

Another detail concerns the understanding and success of the layout of the room in relation to the other rooms. As the integration between the environments has already established itself as a trend that will remain in the Brazilian architectural style, the living maintains its individuality, but in a way follows the characteristics of the decor adopted for the project as a whole.

For residents who consider the kitchen as a continuation of welcoming their visitors, connecting to the living room is a perfect option. In this way, the owner does not need to be absent while preparing a meal, which in most cases is an item of great importance and is responsible for conducting the meetings. “Integrated rooms with large kitchens or gourmet spaces work very well for socializing and sharing gastronomic experiences”, adds Andrea.

After defining the basic elements, the guideline is to choose the decorative items that make a difference, but that are not so essential for the activities carried out in the living room. “At this stage, we consider what goes beyond aesthetics. In conversations with clients, I try to understand what sensations are desired for the living room. These are the desires that help us bring the right objects”, describes the architect.

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