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Hotel interior decoration is the theme at the 33rd ENCATHO & EXPROTEL

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Direct from Florianopolis (SC) – Continuing with the programming of technical content for the 33rd ENCATHO & EXPROTELcarried out by ABIH-SC – Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry of Santa Catarinain the Center South, with the support of Hotels Magazine as the event’s official media, Regina Segui, who worked in the corporate area of ​​large hotel chains such as Atlantica, Blue Tree and Caesar. She presented the lecture “Trends of interior decoration in the hospitality industry”.


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Regina began her presentation by detailing the purpose of interior design. “First, the guest has the experience of arriving at the hotel and participating in a different experience. This creates sensations that stick in your memory. Let’s talk about the new behavior of guests, who have different expectations. How interior design influences the guest experience; interior design contributing to the integration of guests; increased consumption of food and beverages; and technology in evidence. Despite not being decoration, technology has influenced the leverage of spaces prepared and equipped with all kinds of novelties.

Today people take their families, we are experiencing the height of the bleisure concept, which mixes pleasure with business. Guests no longer come to hotels for one or the other, but for both. They also want to be and work in a relaxed and flexible environment. The eating areas are also featured and we’ll show you how. Guests also want to be in open spaces and with art elements such as graffiti. Today he wants to do everything via the app, we already have hotel businesses that make use of Alexa. Hosting with Pets has also grown exponentially. Having special moments at the accommodation is the goal”, he declared.

Design influencing the guest experience

According to Regina, “Today the spaces are totally open and there we have resources to turn these same spaces into integrated spaces. Economic flags, luxury, it is possible to make the suitability in all categories. Turning empty spaces into profitable spaces is a good tip. Sometimes you increase a lobby and it positively impacts the guest experience. The famous co-working spaces are also trends, and guests prefer open spaces, although some hotels already offer closed co-working spaces. It is always important to keep a space for food and drinks close by.

Having elements of surprise in the setting is also important. Today, if you go to a restaurant or hotel, the first area to check is the external area. Biophilia is super in vogue and manages to bring coziness and comfort to the enterprise. Regionalism can also be put to good use, transforming environments and adapting them, placing themes and landscapes from the region. Lighting used to have little value, but today it creates this expectation of the environment, even helping in the taking of instagrammable photos. Design is not expensive, but we have to use creativity and make spaces functional for the hotel operation,” she explained.

Hotel interior decoration is the theme at the 33rd ENCATHO & EXPROTEL

Regina Segui was featured at the 33rd ENCATHO & EXPROTEL in Florianópolis (Photo: Hugo Okada)

Integration between spaces

Regina showed examples of integrated spaces with hollow resources. “The ambiance is created with a hollow piece that creates an amplitude. Integrated into the lobby, we have a games table, a bar and the reception, creating a single environment. Aerial lighting gives a charm to the environment, it is recommended to use neutral colors with spot color and video-wall technology. Remembering that the cheapest media for the venture are customer posts on Instagram and other networks with referent tagging. It is extremely important”, Regina pointed out.


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Lobby with design

The specialist also showed examples of design lobbying. “In this case, when you enter the environment, you are impacted by the format, which is totally different from a traditional hotel development. It gives the sensation, sharpens the curiosity of what awaits them in the apartment, restaurant and other common areas. The menu also needs to follow the design. The enterprise needs to be in synergy. Another example of an impressive lobby is this one, with wood, differentiated lighting that creates a positive expectation for the guest. The reception desk without a counter promotes the closest interaction with the guest; empathy; contemporary design and impact wall in reception. Today we have, by the law of accessibility, we need to have a table, so a table is created so that it is added to the environment, as if it were for VIP and exclusive service.

Art is widely used both on the facade and in external areas, which sharpens the feeling of registration on the part of the guest and promotes it on social networks, as already mentioned. Co-working and event room must be interconnected. It brings lightness to the environment and allows it to be worked in different ways. People interact and are accommodated in the stands. A game table is also suitable for decompression and leisure time. Installation points are important, everyone wants to stay plugged in, it seems simple, but these solutions must be thought of in large quantities”, explained Regina.

featured bar

Regina Segui explained that food and drink has become the star of the moment. “When you enter the hotel, you are faced with the bar, not the reception. After you relax at the bar, you check in, so this space becomes food before anything else,” she concluded.

The report from Revista Hotéis traveled at the invitation of ABIH-SC and stayed at the yacht hotel.


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