Alexandre Matias and Luiza Nasr marry in a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral

Alexandre Matias and Luiza Nasr marry in a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral

A memorable day that will go down in the couple’s history Luiza Nasr and Alexandre Matias Junior, and also from the federal capital, which donated one of its iconic monuments, the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Metropolitan Cathedral, to seal the union of the bride and groom. The link took place this Saturday (30/7). In the midst of a sunny afternoon, the blue of the Brasilia sky was more vivid, a true painting to celebrate love.

The wedding ceremony brought together friends and family of the lovebirds, who did not fail to register, on social networks, how beautiful the scenery of the Cathedral was for the occasion. Accompanied by his mother, Cláudia Betini de Oliveira, Alexandre walked to the altar to wait for his future wife. After the bride’s parents, the godfathers and bridesmaids, and the pages and bridesmaids entered, all attention turned to Luiza. She emerged stunning guided by her father Munir Nasr.

Entrance of the bride with her father, Munir Nasr
passionate kiss of the bride and groom

The link had the blessings of Father Edinaldo Castro da Silva. The celebrant, throughout, stressed the importance of keeping marriage before God. Friend of the couple, Fernanda Palácio went up to the pulpit to read the biblical passage from 1st Corinthians 13:1: “Even if I spoke the tongues of men and angels, and did not have love, I would be like the metal that sounds or like the bell that tine”. She introduced it as a message of love to the sponsored.

Voting moment
Alexandre Matias Junior and Luiza Nasr Matias

Bride’s Aunts, Eliane and Karla Nasr were responsible for the decoration of the church, as well as the reception, which took place at Eliane’s residence, on Park Way. “I will never forget that day that I married my niece-daughter to my youngest nephew, Alexandre”, wrote the hostess in a Story published on her Instagram account.

Alexandre and Luiza got married this Saturday (7/30)

In the gallery below, see details of the majestic decoration of the Cathedral and reception:


The exchange of alliances, orchestrated by the ceremonial Cristina Gomes, was followed by a hearty party that overlooked the city’s skyline. The dance floor, set up under the pool, was given the bride and groom’s initials. Tables were installed along the large structure built on the site. in style cleanthe decoration bet on the green of the foliage and on minimalism, which resulted in something romantic and elegant.



To whet your palate, the unmistakable delights of Block C Restaurantfrom the renowned chef Marcelo Petrarca, integrated the event’s menu. Flying cocktails, antipasti table, mini plates, desserts and appetizers for the dance floor completed the menu. At the bar, drinks with gin, vodka and Moscow Mule were a hit with the guests.


A true work of art, the five-story cake was white. The drawn flowers impressed by the wealth of details, the same with the sweets. Each delicacy had some whim.



The stage received a line-up complete, full of attractions for all tastes. In addition to live music — which ranged from axé to sertanejo — Alexandre and Luiza surprised everyone with the presence of the trio of DJs Make U Sweatcomposed by Dudu Linhares, Guga Guizelini and Pedro Almeida. With fireworks in the background, the dance floor was boiling, no one was still.

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Entrance of the groom with his mother, Cláudia Betini de Oliveira
Bride’s parents, Patricia Nasr and Munir Nasr
Flavia Nasr and Tiago Mendonça
Entrance of the bridesmaid with the page
The maid of honor and the page enter hand in hand
Luiza Nasr accompanied by her father, Munir Nasr
Alexandre Matias Junior and Luiza Nasr Matias
Ceremony moment
Father Edinaldo Castro da Silva celebrated the love of the lovebirds
Fernanda Palácio
The bride and groom at the altar
Luiza Nasr and Alexandre Matias Junior exchange vows
Entrance of the bridesmaid Helena Mendonça with the rings
exchange of rings
kiss from the lovebirds
Alexandre and Luiza gathered with the bridesmaids and pages
Patrícia Nasr, Munir Nasr, Luiza Nasr Matias, Alexandre Matias Junior and Cláudia Betini de Oliveira
Finally married
Fernanda Medeiros and Lisa Nasr
Claudete Betini de Oliveira, Elizeu de Oliveira and Gabriela Betini
Salma Bittar Nasr
Nadia Massuh and Francisco Ribeiro
Gabriela and Isadora Melo
Leliana Gonçalves and Tony Remigio
Claudete Betini de Oliveira and Elizeu de Oliveira
Ralil and Renata Salomão
Lucio, Bianca and Fabiana Bittar
Lucas, Isadora and Lucas Pretto
Claudia Pohl and Diana Morais
Carolina Haddad, Claudia Duvernois and Daniel Duvernois
Alexandre and Luiza
Alexandre Matias Junior, Salma Bittar Nasr and Luiza Nasr Matias
Claudete Betini de Oliveira, Alexandre Matias Junior, Luiza Nasr Matias and Elizeu de Oliveira
Cláudia Betini with her son, her fiance Alexandre Matias Junior
Eliane Nasr, Alexandre Matias Junior, Luiza Nasr Matias and Karla Nasr
Rafaela Amaral, Alexandre Matias Junior, Luiza Nasr Matias and Fábio Fialho
Eliane Nasr
Marcelo Palácio and Fernanda Palácio
Amanda Nasser and Rodrigo Maluf
Noelia Beltran and Vittorio Beltran
Patricia Nasr and Munir Nasr
Farai Bvuma and Manoela Bvuma
Rubens Cedro and Nathalia Oliveira
Thais Bueno and Francesco Falesi
Eliane Nasr and Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira
Nazira Nasser, Noelia Beltran, Teresa Mendonça, Eliane Evangelista, Tania Carniello and Eliane Nasr
Eliane Nasr, Munir Nasr and Salma Bittar Nasr
Caetano Tonet Camargo and Carolina Valença
Rafaela Amaral and Fábio Fialho
Jaqueline Gonçalves and Renan Resende
Sueli Bittar, Munir Nasr and Nádia Massuh
Gabriela Bessa and Fernando Mello
Amanda Nasser and Erika Breda
Tiago Mendonça, Helena Mendonça and Flávia Nasr
Luiza Faria and Bruna Pantazis
Allan and Claudia Matias
Isabela Eustáquio, Júlia Gama and Hannah Hexsel
Eliane Nasr, Nicole Castilho, Karla Nasr, Valentina Castilho and Rejane Castilho

Decoration: Nasr & Nasr
Buffet: Block C at Home
Pub: week bar
Ceremonial: Cristina Gomes
Main attraction: Make U Sweat

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