Five tips to make the bedroom more attractive and functional

Five tips to make the bedroom more attractive and functional

The bedroom is no longer just a room for rest, although it is still the main function. With the rush of everyday life and the possibility of working remotely, for many people, the space has also become an office and even a place to entertain themselves, with a movie session, for example.

For the environment to be pleasant and attractive for all situations, it is essential to adapt it and make it more functional and cozy.

In order to help those who want or need to make the room more versatile, the metropolises talked to the interior designer Erica Daufenbachwho gave five valuable tips to help make the environment beautiful and practical.

circulation spaces

You don’t want to be “isolated” inside your own room, do you agree? So, pay close attention to the circulation spaces of the environment. “This point is especially important in smaller rooms, which are increasingly common in today’s apartment plans. Ideally, distances of at least 60 centimeters should be maintained between the bed and other furniture so that circulation is carried out in a comfortable way”, explains Érica Daufenbach. She also warns that you should avoid using too much furniture in the room so as not to give the feeling of a “cramped” place.


Evaluate well the colors that will print the room. “As the space is commonly a resting environment, care must be taken not to use very stimulating colors, such as yellow and red. If you really like the color, you can use it occasionally, as in decoration items”, warns the interior designer. She also suggests blue, green or light neutral tones as the priority colors, as they are relaxing.


Rugs are also excellent allies when the intention is to create a feeling of coziness. “For the bedroom, look for soft rugs that are pleasant to the touch, with high fur rugs being a great choice”, he points out. The professional still teaches the most suitable arrangement to place the decoration item. “They should be positioned under the bed, or on its side, so that when you get off the bed, your feet touch it, rather than the floor. In ceramic floor environments, this tip is even more valuable, as the tiled floor can be quite unpleasant when waking up,” she points out.


Undoubtedly, the bed is considered the main furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, it is essential to choose good accessories to equip it. “Textures and colors should be taken into account when selecting bedding. The colors must be harmonious with the rest of the furniture and decoration”, explains Érica. She completes citing the importance of the bedspread or bed cover. “They prevent the sheet from being exposed during the day, in addition to creating a more cozy, hotel-like atmosphere. Finally, pillows are always welcome!”.

Personal taste

Finally, you should feel comfortable in the room. Therefore, never forget to prefer items, arrangements and colors that meet personal taste. “There is no point in following trends if the resident is not satisfied! All choices must be according to the users’ taste. After all, the bedroom should be a refuge, a space for rest and warmth. And this will only be possible if the residents feel that they belong to that space”, concludes the interior designer.

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