Sustainable fashion: style to spare without spending too much

Sustainable fashion: style to spare without spending too much

More with less! That old story that repeating clothes is tacky is in the past and the trend now is to bring the same piece to life on different occasions.

Clothing and image experts give tips on how to reinvent yourself in the face of few options in the closet and still save in style.

Personal stylist Hemi Gimenes highlights that social networks are great allies when it comes to offering ideas for dressing well, repeating pieces from the closet.

“Social networks have helped a lot with this, we have tips distributed everywhere, it’s very interesting how today a t-shirt is not just a t-shirt or a skirt is not just a skirt”, she says.

One of the personal recommendations is the harmonic wardrobe, following the personal references of each person. “I always advise clients that if your wardrobe pieces speak to your personality, you will have no difficulty getting dressed, even with fewer options”.

The image and style consultant Ludmilla Giacomelli points out that the biggest benefit of this practice is in the economy. “When you repeat an outfit, you avoid a new expense all the time. With a smart wardrobe, with pieces that match each other, you multiply your looks with the same products, it’s quite an economy”, she says.

Jani Valença, image and style consultant, says that creativity makes all the difference when putting together a look. “Fashion allows us creativity today. Contrary to what they say, repeating clothes is chic! If you innovate in accessories, increment a third piece, everything is valid”, she highlights.

Jani leaves a golden tip for consumers not to make a mistake when buying clothing. “Before buying a piece, people need to think of at least three possibilities for combinations with other products in their closet. If you can’t, don’t buy it, it’s not worth it,” she recommends.

The digital influencer Larissa Hoffman, 26, who works in the field of fashion and content production, indicates the blazer as a joker piece of any closet.

“The blazer is a very good investment, because it goes from casual to formal, and serves as a third piece, especially during winter,” he explains.

“Other examples of key pieces are straight, wide leg or pantalona jeans, which are models that fit well to different bodies”.

Digital influencer Larissa Hoffman, 26 years old

Digital influencer Larissa Hoffman, 26 years old

| Photo: Kadidja Fernandes/AT

1) All black

Digital influencer Larissa Hoffman, 26, teaches the female audience to wear the blazer as a third piece for formal occasions. In the photo, she wears the piece in a monochromatic, all black.

2) Stripped look

Another possible option with the blazer, shown by the digital influencer, is ideal for everyday use. In the photo, she wears a crop top with denim shorts and a black blazer.

3) To use at night

A third alternative look to enjoy at night without losing style, presented by Larissa, is the neon crop top with black fabric shorts and the blazer as a charming third piece.


Up to date with trends

In the photo, the digital influencer Graciely Cardozo, 26 years old.

In the photo, the digital influencer Graciely Cardozo, 26 years old.

| Photo: Disclosure

The digital influencer Graciely Cardozo, 26, says she accumulates joker pieces in her closet. “The white t-shirt and the basic jeans are always important pieces to have in the closet”, she highlights.

Graciely shares that she never misses a new thing from the main fashion platforms.

“I always follow the new fashion platforms, especially those that compete with the big brands, because they have cheaper pieces to buy”, he says.

Combining style with cost-effectiveness

In the photo, digital influencer Samanta Teixeira, 32 years old.

In the photo, digital influencer Samanta Teixeira, 32 years old.

| Photo: Douglas Schineider/AT

For digital influencer Samanta Teixeira, 32, who works in the fashion industry, social networks provide consumers with an idea of ​​how it is possible to combine style and accessibility.

“We can be very stylish while spending little. I believe that the internet has made this access possible.”

For her, influencers, image consultants and even the brands themselves end up creating content giving several fashion tips, which makes the search easier.

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