your new holiday home has a pool overlooking the Mondego Valley – NiT

your new holiday home has a pool overlooking the Mondego Valley – NiT

Villa Medroa: your new holiday home has a pool overlooking the Mondego Valley

It opened on the 15th of July, with a unique decor, capable of combining modern and rustic features.

This summer, forget about luxury hotels or houses rented by the fortnight and try a different accommodation. A house in the middle of nature, for example, is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of big cities. If you are going to spend your holidays in the Beira region, know that there is a new holiday home in Mizarela, in Guarda.

Open since the 15th of July, the rustic and serene atmosphere of Villa Medroa it’s perfect for the whole family. The decor is not totally rustic, nor super modern. It is there somewhere in the middle, in a kind of junction of traditional and contemporary architecture.. All designed in detail by the 35-year-old owner Hugo Pinheiro.

The accommodation is in the village of Mizarela, precisely where Hugo’s father was born. “We have always had a great connection with this house because we have many family members there. As we only used it on weekends, the business opportunity arose”, tells the owner to NiT.

The property has seven hectares and was acquired by Hugo’s great-grandparents about 20 years ago, until it passed into their hands in 2006. The house was left untreated for several years, so it practically only had walls when they decided to remodel it. The process took about two years. They repurposed the rustic part of the house, but added modern features to “provide a relaxing and peaceful accommodation”.

Located within the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, on the left bank of the Mondego River, Villa Medroa is about 15 kilometers from Guarda, the district capital, and less than an hour from historic villages such as Linhares and Trancoso.

“The house is in the middle of nature, in the Mondego valley and as there are not many places around it, it turns out to be a very quiet area”, highlights the manager.

With a unique decor that combines modern features and rustic leisure rooms, the house consists of four bedrooms, all with private bathrooms, and can accommodate up to eight guests. Regarding the common spaces, Villa Medroa has a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a living room with fireplace, a reading room and a billiards room. The living and billiards rooms are the areas of the house with a more rustic atmosphere, with traditional stone walls, while the bedrooms and kitchen are more modern.

Outside, guests will find a huge garden with fruit trees, such as olive trees, and an incredible swimming pool overlooking the Mondego valley. “The strong point is nature, calm and tranquility. In the outdoor area there are lots of green spaces and guests can enjoy all the spaces”, she says.

Outside there is also a barbecue and a space for outdoor dining.

At this early stage, it is only possible to rent the entire house. Prices start at €295. Reservations can be made through the Airbnb or email

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One of the most rustic parts of the house.

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