Ibovespa rises and ends the week with gains of 3.2%;  Braskem (BRKM5) leads highs on the day

Ibovespa rises and ends the week with gains of 3.2%; Braskem (BRKM5) leads highs on the day

Ibovespa rises and ends the week with gains of 3.2%;  Braskem (BRKM5) leads highs on the day
Ibovespa today. Photo: Pixabay

O Ibovespa today closed Friday (5) up 0.55% to 106,471.92 points, after oscillating between 105,517.82 and 107,176.06 points. In the week, it advanced 3.21%. In the year, the index fluctuated from negative to positive since Thursday, accumulating a gain of 1.57%. The turnover was R$ 26.3 billion in the session.

The strong reading on the generation of jobs, as well as the evolution of salary income in the United States in July, in the morning, kept global markets on the defensive in this last session of the week, while, on B3, the Ibovespa showed detachment again. , chaining the fourth daily gain.

Today, the appeal of variable income remained connected, on B3, to the Copom signal that the monetary tightening cycle in Brazil is concluded or very close to it, with the possibility of a residual adjustment at the next committee meeting, in September – which, in addition to the stock market recovery, has appreciated the exchange rate, even this Friday, in the opposite direction of external caution.

Abroad, resilient inflation and the still buoyant job market in the United States shuffle a little what may happen at the next meeting of the Fomc, the monetary policy committee of the American Central Bank, in the same month of September.

Thus, after the recent animation of global markets with milder signals that were even issued by the Federal Reserve at last week’s meeting, this Friday’s economic data, which also guide the Fed in its deliberations, contribute to leaving the outcome of September less clear.

“The 528 thousand jobs created in July in the United States surprised the market a lot, and the dollar in the world strengthened after the disclosure. The expectation was for 250 thousand jobs in the month. The American job market remains strong, and at the next meeting of the Federal Reserve, on September 21, it puts on the table the chance to raise interest rates there once again by 0.75 percentage point”, says Gustavo Cruz, strategist at RB Investimentos.

“But this time, unlike other occasions, the unemployment rate did not fall uniformly for all groups. There was an increase in unemployment among the least educated, although slight, from 5.8% to 5.9%”, he adds. “In general, the numbers still show that those looking for a job in the United States can do it”, observes the strategist, also highlighting the evolution of salary gains, with the job market showing strength.

After the payroll data, in the morning, the probability of a new 75 basis point increase in the Fed funds in September has again easily surpassed the chance of an increase of half a percentage point, according to CME data: 69.5% compared to 30.5%, comparing the first to the second scenario, reversing what was seen in the fifth.

Amid doubts about the degree to which the Fed will need to raise interest rates in the United States, optimism about the performance of stocks in the very short term was slightly lower in the Thermometer Broadcast Bolsa this Friday. Among the participants, the expectation of a rise for the Ibovespa next week dropped from 84.62% in the last survey to 70%, still largely in the majority.

Those who expect a decline represent 20% of the universe and those who predict stability, 10%. In the previous Thermometer, the estimates of neutral and falling variation both had a share of 7.69%.

“Yesterday, several shares rose more than 10%, with strong performance of ‘small caps’ and shares linked to retail, in a rally of the Brazilian stock exchange with the foreign markets half aside. And the explanation for this ‘Brazil phenomenon’ is the end of the cycle of high interest rates in the country – strictly speaking, nothing changes even if there is still a residual increase”, says Paulo Gala, chief economist at Banco Master, referring to the “post-Copom optimism”.

Amid expectations that the recent behavior of inflation contributes to the BC putting an end to the cycle of interest rate hikes, this optimism was somehow supported this Friday by the reading of the IGP-DI in July, down 0.38% in the month, after a rise of 0.62% in June – the retraction was higher than the median of the Broadcast Projections, which pointed to a fall of 0.18% for July.

According to Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), the result for the month was conditioned by the performance of wholesale commodities, as well as by expected declines in average prices of fuel and electricity to consumers.

new york bags

New York stock markets closed without a single signal on Friday. Risk appetite was contained and the picture was negative for most of the day in equities, after the monthly US jobs report (payroll) brought job creation at a strong level, which raised bets on higher interest rates in the United States. United. There was, however, an improvement in the picture at the end of the trading session.

On a weekly basis, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.13%, the S&P 500 was up 0.36% and the Nasdaq was up 2.15%, with balance sheets also in focus.

  • dow jones: +0.23%, at 32,803.47 points;
  • S&P 500: -0.16%, at 4,145.19 points;
  • Nasdaq: -0.50%, at 12,657.55 points.

O dollar spot closed down 1.03%, at R$ 5.1668, after oscillating between R$ 5.1653 and R$ 5.2767, in the week, currency retreated 0.15%.

O Petroleum closed slightly higher this Friday, despite the appreciation of the dollar after a strong payroll. According to analysts, the data confirmed that the Federal Reserve should continue its hawkish trajectory and that the US economy is not in recession.

At the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), the barrel of WTI oil for September, it closed up 0.53% (US$ 0.47), at US$ 89.01, per barrel. In the week, there was a drop of 9.74%. while that of Brent up 0.85% ($0.80) on ICE at $94.92 a barrel, down 8.70% weekly.

O gold closed down this Friday, giving back part of the gains it accumulated throughout the week. Demand for the precious metal eased as interest rates on Treasuries and the dollar – against rival currencies – strengthened, after the United States reported the creation of 528,000 jobs in July, well above expectations. The data reinforces fears of higher interest rates by the Federal Reserve, which supports the prospect that the dollar and US fixed income returns will continue to strengthen in the remainder of 2022, negative signs for the metal.

On Comex, the metals division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), gold for delivery in December fell 0.87% on Friday, but rose 0.53% on the week, at USD 1,791.20 a troy ounce.

At the Ibovespa today, the shares of companies linked to oil were highlighted in the ranking of the highest increases in the index. who led was Braskem (BRKM5), with +3.56%, accompanied by PetroRio (PRIO3), which rose 3.08% and 3R Petroleum (RRRP3), which gained 2.82%.

Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4) increased 1.74% and 1.93%, respectively. Also entered the positive ranking Minerva (BEEF3), with gains of 3.16%.

Large banks also advanced, still with the expectation of the end of the Selic high cycle. After showing above-expected profit, Bradesco (BBDC3, BBDC4) rose 0.92% and 1.20%, in that order. Bank of Brazil (BBAS3) rose 1.86%, Itau (ITUB4), +1.88% and Santander (SANB11), +1.92%.

OK (VALE3) followed the rise in iron ore and rose 1.30%.

Who led in the negative field was espadrilles (ALPA4), which plummeted 13.54%, impacted by the weak balance in 2Q22. Other retailers figured in the negative field: American (AMER3), with -7.82%, Magazine Luiza (MGLU3), with a drop of 5.39%, nature (NTCO3), with -3.67%, petz (PETZ3) depreciated 3.46% and Via (VIIA3) dropped 3.05%.

Biggest rises on the Ibovespa:

  • Braskem (BRKM5): +3.56% // BRL 35.25
  • Minerva (BEEF3): +3.16% // BRL 24.07
  • PetroRio (PRIO3): +3.08% // BRL 33.60
  • 3R Petroleum (RRRP3): +2.82% // BRL 13.05
  • CSN (CSNA3): +2.67% // BRL 15.39

biggest casualties of Ibovespa:

  • Espadrilles (ALPA4): -13.54% // BRL 19.35
  • Americanas (AMER3): -7.83% // BRL 13.90
  • Fleury (FLRY3): -6.65% // BRL 15.44
  • Magazine Luiza (MGLU3): -5.39% // BRL 3.16
  • Natura (NTCO3): -3.67% // BRL 17.61

Other news that moved the Ibovespa

  • Locaweb (LWSA3) signs a contract for the acquisition of Síntese for R$ 35.2 million
  • Tesla (TSLA34) is the most traded BDR in March; see the top 10

Locaweb (LWSA3) signs a contract for the acquisition of Síntese for R$ 35.2 million

THE Locaweb (LWSA3) informed this Friday (5) that it signed a contract to acquire the retail solutions company Síntese, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Tray Tecnologia em E-commerce.

According to a material fact sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the purchase price was approximately R$35.2 million, subject to net debt and working capital adjustments.

THE Synthesis will have the option of receiving an eventual earnout, depending on the achievement of certain financial goals calculated based on the Net Revenue of the Synthesis, as defined in the signed agreement.

“With this acquisition, Locaweb reinforces its e-commerce portfolio and takes an important step in the digitalization of physical retail through a robust platform for integrating online commerce and stores”, says the statement, reinforcing that the company follows continues to consolidate itself as the best option to digitize companies in Brazil, also with the expansion of cross-sell possibilities with its online retailer base.

Synthesis is a platform omnichannel for retail, with a stronger presence in the fashion segment, with clients such as Sum group (SOMA3) and Track&Field (TFCO4). In addition, the company has been showing significant acceleration since 2018, with compound annual growth between 2018 and 2021 of around 45%, in addition to operating with positive profitability, according to a note from Locaweb.

Locaweb also informs that, with the purchase, Síntese’s partners, Flávio Santos, Everton Geronimo, Leandro Rocha and Tiago Carvalho, will remain in the company’s operation.

Tesla (TSLA34) is the most traded BDR in March; see the top 10

The BDR of Tesla (TSLA34) was the most traded in July of the asset class, according to recent data from B3 (B3SA3) released this Friday (5).

In the July Monthly Bulletin, the Tesla BDRs appear in first place in the list of the 10 most traded BDRs in the month, with Average Daily Trading Volume (ADTV) of BRL 48.8 million, with a total share of 16.8%.

In second place is the Free market (MELI34), with an ADTV of R$44.3 million and a 15.3% stake.

In the accumulated of 12 months, the Top 2 of the BDR ranking remains identical to that of July, with trading volumes of R$74 million and R$60 million.

The month of July showed a downward trend in the volume of BDRs issuance in the face of a rise in cancellations. Since December 2021, there have been BRL 2 billion in cancellations and BRL 0.5 billion in issuances.

The number of investors, however, rose. There are 399,000 investors in July compared to 306,000 visas in December. Custody positions retracted, from R$26.6 billion to R$15.2 billion.

Check out the 10 most traded BDRs of March 2022:

  • Tesla (TSLA34), with 16.8%
  • Free market (MELI34), with 15.3%
  • Goal (FBOK34), with 7.2%
  • alphabet (GOGL34), with 5.5%
  • Microsoft (MSFT34), with 5.4%
  • apple (AAPL34), with 5.2%
  • amazon (AMZO34), with 4.5%
  • alibaba (BABA34), with 4.1%
  • Netflix (NFLX34), with 3%
  • Nvidia (NVDC34), with 2.5%

Performance of the main indices

In addition to the Ibovespa, check out the closing of the main stock market indices today:

  • Ibovespa today: +0.55%
  • IFIX today: +0.22%
  • IBRX today: +0.56%
  • SMLL today: +0.03%
  • IDIV today: +0.67%

Ibovespa quotation this Thursday (4)

O Ibovespa closed last Thursday’s trading session (4) with a strong rise of 2.04% to 105,892.22 points.

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