Sylvana Roriz celebrates her birthday in a night orchestrated by her daughter

Sylvana Roriz celebrates her birthday in a night orchestrated by her daughter

This Thursday night (4/7) was a landmark in Sylvana Roriz’s life. To celebrate the arrival of yet another birthday, she received from her daughter Ana Gabriela Roriz a super excited party at her residence, in Lago Sul.

Ana proved to be a great hostess and, in addition to orchestrating an unforgettable night for her mother, she received each guest with great affection. In every detail, the touch of the birthday girl’s personality was perceptible, and she asked that the entire house be decorated with beautiful sunflowers. The decoration was signed by renowned professional Valéria Leão.

Super loved in the capital’s social circuit, Sylvanas did not hide the emotion of knowing how much she is loved by her friends and family.

Sylvanas and Ana Gabriela Roriz

“After so much struggle we’ve been through, I feel privileged! Today, I have four beautiful grandchildren, an excellent husband, and health, which is the most important thing in life. I feel so blessed by God.”

Sylvanas Roriz

The most emotional moment of the night was when Ana Gabriela took the stage with her mother to give a speech to the birthday girl. All the friends were super excited and chanted: “Sylvana! Sylvanas!”

Ana Gabriela Roriz wishes her mother congratulations
Adriana Samartini and Sylvana Roriz

“I feel honored to have her presence. Every day he is encouraging me, stimulating me, seeking the best I have and extolling my qualities. I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to be together”, said the daughter.

Check out the decorations in the gallery below:


The guests enjoyed a menu prepared by Degustare, divided into two moments: in the first, an island of antipasti with burrata, parma ham with figs and kibbeh was served. Then hot dishes were offered. The cake and sweets were signed by Forever Cake.

See the highlights in the gallery:


The animation was maintained from beginning to end and there was no lack of hugs, smiles and a lot of excitement. In the pickups, DJ Bola opened the dance floor with hits contagious. Later, singer Adriana Samartini took over the show and put all the guests to dance.

Check out the event clicks:
Sylvana Roriz and Ana Gabriela Roriz
Laura Cunha, Sylvanas and Ana Gabriela Roriz
Sylvana Roriz and Vandinha Riccioppo
Cleucy Estevao and Sylvana Roriz
Sorai Faraj, Moema Leão, Janete Vaz and Suzy Pena
Vandinha Riccioppo, Iara Martirrelli and Ana Valadão Naves
Larissa Meira and Wilza Roriz
Ana Rezende, Dina, Bruna and Rosa Braga
Sylvana Roriz enjoying the moment
Rosana Marques and Marcia Zarbo
Cleucy Estevao and Suely Nakao
Stelina and Josefina Pinha
Dina Braga
Roneide Braga and Cecília Barros
Vandira Peixoto and Cleucy Estevão
Soninha Abrantes, Ana Claudia Badra and Maria Clara Rodrigues
Crescia Morais and Wania Frederico
Nadia Estela, Simone Novais, Vandinha Riccioppo, Thamis Peres and Elizabeth Naoum
Nanda Miziara and Moema Leão
Janete Vaz and Suzy Pena
Sarah Tolentino, Sylvana Roriz and Claudia Tolentino
Elizabeth Naoum, Ana Resende and Thamis Peres
Adriana Samartini, Sylvana and Ana Gabriela Roriz enjoying the party
Adriana Samartini
DJ Ball

Decoration: Valeria Leão
Buffet: taste
DJ: Ball
Musical attraction: Adriana Samartini
Candy and cake: Forever Cake

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