from furniture to drinks

from furniture to drinks

BETA Architecture Project

BETA Architecture Project

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One home bar suitable is something every adult home should have (because it’s not easy being an adult!). Even if you don’t drink, you might want to have something on hand to offer guests, and if nothing else, a home bar can add an unexpected design element to any space.

Project by Fernanda Olinto

Project by Fernanda Olinto

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Whether you’re just starting to make cocktails or have been making cocktails for years, learn how to set up a space that not only has all the essentials, but is also beautiful and inspires you to try new things.

The first step is to discover where and how set up your bar. Then learn about all the core items, such as bitters, bar tools, cocktail books, spirits, glasses, mixers and garnishes. Don’t worry, we’re with you on this one. Check out the complete guide below:

The place

the bar cart

In the passage between dining and living, a bar corner was set up, with a new support cart, frame, glasses and bottles

In the passage between dining and living, a bar corner was set up, with a new support cart, frame, glasses and bottles

Photo: Kadu Lopes/ /

There is no denying that the bar carts are one of the most popular pieces of furniture – it’s hard to identify a chic space without one. If you have room for one, the bar carts they are a great dedicated area to make a drink, and are cozy enough for guests to feel free to go upstairs and make their own drink.

Guta Louro Project

Guta Louro Project

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If your bar cart is open, remember to arrange it neatly. You might even want to store your less frequently used items in a pantry so it doesn’t look too messy.

the console table


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Transform any console table or sideboard in a bar by simply covering it with a tray. Pack your bottles, decanters, bitters and glasses on the table and store your bar essentials in a nearby drawer or container.

This is a great option if you have a lot of bartender that need storage. Leave space for lamps and small decorative elements to keep your table functional and decorative.

the subtle tray

Project by Korman Architects

Project by Korman Architects

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Just like a console table, the surface of any bookshelf or the bookcase itself can easily be transformed into a bar. Just organize it by category, with drinks on one shelf, glasses on another, and so on.


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If you don’t have an entire bookcase to dedicate to your spirits, just use a tray on top of a smaller piece of furniture. Surrounding art and wall decor will help keep your tools from bartender be the focal point of the room if that is not the desired look.

the wet bar

MTA Architecture Project

MTA Architecture Project

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Do you have an wet bar (bar with sink) genuine in your home? So, you have no excuse not to hone your mixology skills.

Project by Studio Livia Amendola

Project by Studio Livia Amendola

Photo: Visual production: Estudio Cabe/Photos: Raiana Medina/ /

In addition to all the other essentials, you should also keep a bar towel handy and put a small trash can under the sink if you’re washing glasses or using fresh ingredients.

Assembling the drink


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Bitters essential

Bitters are a type of high proof alcohol infused with herbs, roots and spices which are used in traces as a botanical additive for beverages. A cocktail renaissance has swept the nation, and gone are the days when a bottle of bitters solitary dominated behind the bar. Nowadays, you can find everything, even bitters of coffee at local liquor stores.

Mandatory tools

As you develop your mixology skills and become more and more interested in making cocktails, you can purchase gadgets such as a soda siphonto make sparkling water and ginger beer at home, or if you’re really adventurous, a vacuum sealer to make saccharum oil.

Accessories for beginner bartenders

Written in 1862, the ” Bartenders Guide” by Jerry Thomas is arguably the most famous bartending and cocktail book of all time, and was the first real cocktail book published in the US.

For something a little more contemporary, read a copy of historian David Wondrich’s tribute to the aforementioned cocktail pioneer, ” Imbibe!“, where he highlights 100 classic cocktails.

O ” Savoy Cocktail Book“, published in 1930, was written by legendary American Bartender at London’s Savoy Hotel, Harry Craddock. It features 750 of Craddock’s most popular recipes – from dry martinis to flips and smashes.

For a scientific twist, let author and botanist Amy Stewart enlighten you about the plants that are used to create the world’s finest spirits, from agave to walnuts, with her groundbreaking book ” The Drunken Botanist“, released in 2013.

Essentials in a bar


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The first rule for stocking your bar is to choose spirits you like. This is the only way to develop a knack for making and enjoying cocktails. Once you hit a few favorite cocktails, your interest and taste for other spirits is sure to increase – we guarantee it!

The second rule is don’t try to do everything at once. Liquor is expensive, so go slow. There is no need to spend it all in one afternoon.

All you need is a great cocktail to wow your guests, and if you learn to create a few things satisfactorily, others will notice and appreciate it. Liqueurs, mixers, aperitifs and digestifs in particular are things you should accumulate over time.

That said, the most classic and popular drinks include a handful of spirits. So we recommend these basics:

– Gin

– Bourbon whiskey

– Scotch whiskey

– Tequila

– white rum

– dark rum

already the vodka may be notably absent from this list for you. Designed to be tasteless, it is devoid of aroma and flavor and is therefore not a spirit that will help a beginner learn the cocktail craft. While it has no place in our bar, we occasionally keep it in the freezer if we expect guests to prefer it – or for when we want to mix up a fruit-flavored frozen fruit cocktail.



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What good is a tasty cocktail without the perfect glass to hold it? Each cocktail you master must be served in a specific style of glass, such as a highball, lowball or flute.



Photo: Ryan Zi/Unsplash/

Stock mixers you like. As you try to make new drinks, your collection expands, so there’s no need to buy everything in one day.

These are the mixers we usually have on hand:

– Sparkling water (we use a soda siphon to make at home)

– ginger beer

– Fresh juice such as orange or grapefruit

Depending on which cocktails you prefer, you can also store cans of coke, tonic water, sprite, tomato juice, or pineapple juice.

The best cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, so try to make drinks with juices you’re drinking otherwise.



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It is important to always have lemons and limes in the kitchen as they are essential for many wonderful recipes. Sugar cubes, or fine white sugar, are also a must for every home bar.

It’s also great to have a basil plant and a mint plant at home so you can prepare herbal cocktails. Other herbs, such as sage and thyme, also make wonderful garnishes.

Also, if you like martinis or bloody marys, cocktail olives, onions, horseradish, salt, pepper, and hot sauce can also be essential.

Ready! Now just run to your home bar and get your hands dirty!

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