Joinville store, a reference in decoration, has more than 11 thousand different products for immediate delivery

Joinville store, a reference in decoration, has more than 11 thousand different products for immediate delivery

Considered one of the most complete in terms of decoration and woodworking in the South region, the Joinville store also stands out for its quality in logistics. This is Madville, which has, in addition to the Home Center and the Distribution Center (where the MDF board stocks are), a Supply Storage Center (CAS) with 1700 m2 of stock with a wide variety of products for prompt delivery.

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The Supply Storage Center is attached to the Home Center and consists of four buildings, and to get an idea of ​​the variety of products available to the customer, ready for delivery, there are more than 11,000 products with different codes. The products are divided into six sectors, which include different items, from screws to large stationary machines.

– Are over 600 ribbon patterns available edges and a wide variety of profiles, with more than 300 different models — highlights the CAS coordinator, Maycom Cezar Bauer, referring to the woodworking items with the highest output.

Bauer explains that, daily, CAS receives 10,000 items from suppliers, which are all duly checked and identified with a code that indicates the exact location where each one is stored. This code indicates the building, “street” (aisle) and floor (on the shelf).

This organization guarantees the agility and assertiveness of the work of the CAS team, formed in total by about 30 people. Also because the volume of order shipments is large.

– Daily, there are more than 300 ordersbeing divided into five different delivery modalities: expedition with its own fleet, pick-up at the store, motorcycle freight, external seller and carrier — explains the sector coordinator.

Madville has a customer service team SAC and reverse logistics and celebrates the success of the brand.

— We reached the daily delivery mark of more than 10 thousand products, and of these, an average of 7 thousand are delivered by our fleet — he adds.

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The CAS coordinator, Maycom Cezar Bauer, also explains that some QR Codes are generated with a video tutorial from the manufacturer, about the machine or product purchased, so that the customer knows how to use it.

— We develop and generate information and data links about products in order to optimize data and records for customers, such as technical data sheets, videos and photos of the products. We are always innovatingalways thinking about ensuring the best experience for the customer — concludes Bauer.

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