a look at the ending explained

a look at the ending explained

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The Two Faces of a Crime (1996) is a classic old-fashioned legal thriller directed by Gregory Hoblit. The film, in short, launched the career of Edward Norton. The actor was even nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his work in the film. With mentions of religion and madness, the explained ending of Two Faces of Murder may reveal a closer look at a dark twist.

Despite being a classic film, it is always good to warn that the text speaks openly about the end. So here’s a warning about spoilers if you haven’t watched the film. Finally, The Two Faces of a Crime is available in the catalog Netflix.

Plot of The Two Faces of a Crime

Before getting into the finale of Two Faces of Murder, we need to talk about the plot itself. In short, the film shows the murder of an archbishop (Stanley Anderson) after taking 78 stab wounds. Everything indicates that the crime was committed by a 19-year-old, Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton), arrested after finding clothes covered in the victim’s blood.

So, Martin Vail (Richard Gere), an irreverent attorney and former prosecutor, offers to defend him free of charge. The reason is that he loves to be the subject of media coverage, as well as demonstrating his competitive spirit for the win.

The Two Faces of a Crime still has Laura Linneyas Janet Venableand John Mahoneyas Shaughnessyin the list.

Ending Explained of The Two Faces of a Crime

At the end of The Two Faces of a Crime, vail argues that Aaron have a dissociative identity disorder. To prove it, the lawyer summons the client himself to testify, forcing the other personality, Roy, show up. However, the attempts do not work. So he leaves the promoter Janet interrogate Aaron.

With a tough and intense approach, Aaron attacks Janet after bringing out his Roy persona. Thus, the young man obtains a verdict of not guilty on grounds of insanity. However, he will be transferred to a maximum security mental health facility.

After winning the trial, Vail goes to meet Aaron. The young man admits that he does not remember the trial, but makes a thoughtless mistake when commenting on the Janet’s neck. That is, something impossible for those who say they do not remember what happened. So Vail returns to face him at the end of The Two faces on one Crime,

Aaron admits, therefore, that he has no problems and that Roy is your true personality. Furthermore, he confesses that he murdered Beautiful (Azalea Davila), woman with whom the archbishop forced boys to have sex.

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