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new store in Curitiba works with product repurchase

There are houses that we enter and feel completely at ease – sometimes what causes this reception is the decoration; in others, it is the attitude of the receiver. At Casa Möun, a new decoration store in Curitiba, partners Carolina Reis and Fernanda Walter want both the environment and the service to make those present feel at home, as they confide first hand to HAUS.

O show room opens this Thursday (11) — Av. Sete de Setembro, 6.002, Batel — and welcomes in its 11 environments furniture and decoration with personality, in which new names in the market share space with established professionals. At this first moment, the store has three dining rooms and the other eight environments divided between home theater and living room.

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Casa Möun has 11 show room-style environments, with three dining rooms and the others divided between a living room (photo) and a home theater.
Casa Möun has 11 showroom-style environments, with three dining rooms and the others divided between a living room (photo) and a home theater.| House Möun/Disclosure

“Three of our suppliers are always presenting their products first hand at the Salone del Mobile, in Milan, and some of them are exclusively sold by Casa Möun in Curitiba”, says Fernanda. The national brand Romanzza is one of them: Casa Möun sells an exclusive upholstery line, which bears the store’s signature. On the other hand, Uultis, brand premium of the Herval group, is sold in Curitiba exclusively by Casa Möun.

Welcoming gains new dimensions in the store’s proposal when it comes to new designers. “There is a difficulty for these professionals to have access to produce their creations. We want to put these furniture and decoration items on the market and encourage both the designer and the manufacturer”, explains Carolina. The store works as a bridge between the two services, generating demand for the production of an exclusive product for a small local producer.

The first of these partnerships is for the production of the Ópera table, by Anima Studio Design, by designers Leandro Fragoso, Sharon Abdalla and Welison Santos. The trio received recognition from the first edition of the Adriana Adam Design Award and was selected for the Salone Satellite Milan 2022.

Among the highlights curated by Carolina and Fernanda, the Butterfly sofa: a table divides the sofa into two thirds, with a lamp, induction cell phone charger and USB ports, but still with enough space to accommodate an afternoon nap. .

Butterfly sofa, which combines comfort and functionality with the table that divides it into two thirds
Butterfly sofa, which combines comfort and functionality with the table that divides it into two thirds| House Möun/Disclosure

Moving to the dining room, the Mesa Pin, by designer Sergio Batista, was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and captures the eye with its numerous legs (there are 18, in fact), made of wood as the top.

In another environment, the Ópera table, by Anima Studio Design, made of metal and glass, pays homage to the urban curves and solutions that the architect and former mayor Jaime Lerner created in Curitiba. Valuing the people of the city, by the way, is a priority for Casa Möun. “We want to give space for the public of Curitiba to show their work, whether in furniture or in artistic works, such as paintings, works, handicrafts”, emphasizes Fernanda.

From outdoor furniture, the Pisa armchair, Bari bench and Turim lamp, by Lovato, draw attention for the use of banana fiber and technological fabric, which repels moisture and maintains a pleasant touch, and manual finishes such as macramé. The store has more than 400 types of fabric in the physical display, but the online catalog has more than 1,500.


One of the brand’s values ​​is to work with production processes closer to the ideal in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. This is how the idea of ​​offering the customer a contract to buy back the furniture sold by Casa Möun came about after the five-year warranty on the furniture had expired. “This product continues to have the signature of a designer, it remains a piece of furniture. What would people do after exchanging it? Would they throw it away? Would they sell it at a bargain price?”, asks Carolina.

The percentage of the repurchase value is tabulated and depends on the type of furniture and the situation in which the piece will find itself when it returns to the store. Casa Möun’s solution is to renovate the piece and use it for future charity bazaar events, in which all profits will be donated to social organizations.

human house

From Haitian Creole, “möun” means person. The choice was not by chance: Fernanda is a volunteer at her church, teaching about the Bible to children between 7 and 12 years old. Some of her students are Haitians who moved to Brazil a few years ago and one day, Fernanda asked them what they thought of Brazil. “They told me that they feel at home here, that Brazil is their home,” she recalls.

Dealing with the concept of the store, the situation caused her an epiphany when she arrived at her own home: this was the feeling she would like to pass on in her business as well. “I spent days doing brainstorm thinking about how to bring the idea of ​​humanization to the brand. When I went to search for the translation of person, of human, I found the word”, he says.

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