Ibovespa has a strong rise of 2.78% and rises 5.9% in the week;  Petrobras (PETR4) shoots up 7.2%

Ibovespa has a strong rise of 2.78% and rises 5.9% in the week; Petrobras (PETR4) shoots up 7.2%

O Ibovespa today closed Friday (12) with a high of 2.78% to 112,764.26 points, the maximum of the day. Minimum was 109,717.94. The level is the highest since April 20, when it closed at 114,343.78 points; in the week, index rises 5.91%. The financial turnover was R$ 35.9 billion this Friday. In the year, it advances 7.58%.

The Ibovespa was ahead of New York references in this last session of the week in which it also accumulated gains above those seen in the main foreign markets, accelerating the recovery in August – so far, 9.31% – after an advance of 4.69% in July. This Friday, it reaped the fourth consecutive weekly gain, and the best in the series, up 5.91% in the range of the last five sessions – the May weekly gain since the beginning of November 2020 (7.42% then) .

Today the index went up to the high of the session at the close, carried by the strong performance of state-owned companies Petrobras and Bank of Brazilon a day of well-distributed, albeit less noticeable, gains in most of the weighty stocks in the index.

In percentage terms, today’s Ibovespa gain was the biggest since the December 2nd session (3.66%). With the strong advance seen in the week, the financial market again adjusted downward the optimism about the performance of shares in the very short term, in the Thermometer Broadcast Bolsa this Friday.

Among the participants, the expectation of a rise for the Ibovespa was 60%, from 70% in the last thermometer, losing steam for the third week in a row, but still being the majority share. Those who expect stability and those who predict a fall are 20% in both cases, compared to 10.00% and 20.00%, respectively, in the previous survey.

“The week was very good for the Ibovespa, despite having achieved a little yesterday after a series of seven daily gains. The volume also remained high in the last two days, well above average, and this is due to two reasons: first, the end of the cycle of high interest rates in our BC, which brought a rally of optimism not only to the stock exchange but also for long interest rates, which closed a lot in the last few days; and second, by the inflation rates in the United States, with deflation, in yesterday’s reading, in the PPI producer price index”, says Paulo Gala, chief economist at Banco Master.

“Today’s extremely positive behavior reflects a few things. First, there was no negative news, nothing in the political field that was of great concern, which left the door open for another day of gains, like the ones we have seen recently. But the main factor of the day was the corporate balance sheets, with a big series between yesterday and today. For the most part, the results pleased investors, which helps to understand today’s very general rise among sectors”, says Helena Veronese, chief economist at B.Side Investimentos.

Thus, the dissemination of gains was noticeable in sectorial indices, such as consumption, up 2.68% in the session, and basic materials, which rose 1.87%.

new york bags

  • Dow Jones: +1.27%, at 33,761.11 points;
  • S&P 500: +1.73%, at 4,279.96 points;
  • Nasdaq: +2.09%, at 13,047.19 points.

O dollar spot closed down 1.63%, at R$5.0739, after oscillating between R$5.0650 and R$5.1649. On the week, currency retreats 1.80%.

The futures contracts Petroleum closed down this Friday. The commodity went up early in the day, but showed no breath, with the negative movement reinforced after US indicators strengthened the dollar. In addition, the possibility of a nuclear deal with Iran was on the radar, with the potential to increase the supply of oil.

O WTI oil for September closed down 2.38% (-US$ 2.25), at US$ 92.09 a barrel, on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), and the Brent for October, it dropped 1.45% (-US$ 1.45), at US$ 98.15 a barrel, on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). In the weekly comparison, WTI advanced 3.46% and Brent rose 3.40%.

The most liquid futures contract gold closed on high. Even with the strong dollar, the metal was supported by this week’s US inflation data, which led investors to predict a less tough Federal Reserve in its ongoing monetary tightening.

Gold for December registered a gain of 0.46% at US$1,815.50 a troy ounce on the Comex, the metals division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex).

At the Ibovespa todayconsumer and retail assets companies stood out among both the biggest gains and biggest losses today, reflecting second-quarter balance sheets.

In the positive field, Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) topped the ranking, jumping 17.76%. Also on the list Via (VIIA3), up 13.98% and Blue (BLUE4), with +10.73%. Still, hapvida (HAPV3) rose 16.97%, with the market positively evaluating the results of the quarter, in what was the first balance sheet consolidating every month of Notre Dame, after the business combination in February.

At the other end, nature (NTCO3) plummeted 10.36%, know (SBSP3) was -4.43%.

JBS (JBSS3) also appeared on the list, yielding 2.62%, impacted by the worsening performance of the company’s American beef and pork operations.

Among the blue chips, Petrobras (PETR3, PETR4) increased by 8.02% and 7.20%, respectively, despite the drop in oil prices. OK (VALE3) gained 0.94%, detached from the low of iron ore.

Major banks ended the day on a positive note, with Bank of Brazil (BBAS3) pulling the highs, registering +5.65%, Bradesco (BBDC3, BBDC4) with +1.82% and 1.24%, in that order, Itau (ITUB4) with gains of 1.21% and Santander (SANB11), +0.99%.

biggest highs of the Ibovespa:

  • Magazine Luiza (MGLU3): +17.76% // BRL 3.58
  • Hapvida (HAPV3): +16.97% // BRL 7.72
  • Via (VIIA3): +13.98% // BRL 3.18
  • Blue (BLUE4): +10.73% // BRL 16.51
  • Locaweb (LWSA3): +10.46% // BRL 9.93

biggest casualties of the Ibovespa:

  • Natura (NTCO3): -10.36% // BRL 14.28
  • Sabesp (SBSP3): -4.43% // BRL 43.85
  • JBS (JBSS3): -2.63% // BRL 30.42
  • Americanas (AMER3): -2.41% // BRL 12.96
  • Tim (TIMS3): -1.16% // BRL 12.74

Other news that moved the Ibovespa

  • Natura (NTCO3) has a net loss of R$766 million in 2Q22
  • Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) wants to increase market share in the second half

Natura (NTCO3) has a net loss of R$766 million in 2Q22

THE nature (NTCO3) presented a net loss to controllers of R$ 766.7 million in the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22), according to the balance released at the end of this Thursday (11).

With that, the result of Natura reverses the profit of R$ 234.8 million in the same period last year.

In addition Natura in 2Q22 had adjusted Ebitda of R$ 694.9 million, which represents a drop of 14.3% compared to the one presented from April to May of the previous year.

Consolidated net revenue for the quarter totaled R$8.7 billion, down 8.6% in reais and up 0.4% in constant currency. Latin America recorded a sales increase of 5.6% in constant currency, while Avon international presented a decrease of 11.4% in the same criterion.

At Avon, the biggest impact came from the War in Ukraine, as, excluding Russia and Ukraine, sales fell by 5.8%, still in constant currency.

Adjusted Ebitda had a margin of 8%, down 0.5 percentage point from a year earlier.

The company explains that the result is related to stable performance in Latin America and lower corporate expenses that were offset by the deleveraging The Body Shop sales and Aesop’s growth investments.

The company ended the second quarter with a cash position of R$4.3 billion. Net debt corresponds to 2.46x Ebitda in the quarter, versus 1.43x in the first quarter of this year.

Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) wants to increase market share in the second half

THE Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) may increase its market share in the second half of the year, said company executives on Friday (12).

During a conference call to present the results of the Magalu swing, Roberto Bellissimo, CFO of the company, pointed out that the retailer recorded an increase of 11 percentage points in marketshare in the last three years, and the perspective is to continue expanding until the end of the year.

The executives also stated that Magazine Luiza will not close physical stores in the second half of the year. company CEO, Frederico Trajano stated that the future of retail is online, which is in line with the company’s strategy of investing in the marketplace. However, he said that the physical units play a fundamental role as “the local support point of the ecosystem”.

“From a logistical point of view, it is a differential. There are small sellers who start posting products in the store, saving shipping. And there are customers who choose to pick up the products at the store, which reduces the cost of delivery”, explained the executive.

He also highlighted that the company grew 34% a year from the beginning of the pandemic until now, and that the sales volume grew four times this quarter, compared to the same period in 2019, in the pre-pandemic scenario.

Trajano also highlighted the importance of partner sellers in Magalu marketplaceas well as the diversification of categories, which before the pandemic were more concentrated in durable goods.

More than half (52%) of Magazine Luiza’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) corresponds to new product categories, especially the fashion and sports segment, largely due to partner companies Netshoes and Zattini.

according to Magazine Luiza balance sheetsales in the second quarter totaled around R$3.6 billion, a growth of 22% compared to the same period of the previous year, and represented 36% of online sales.

Another highlight of the period was the generation of R$ 1.3 billion in operating cash, an increase of R$ 500 million in relation to March.

Performance of the main indices

In addition to the Ibovespa, check out the closing of the main stock market indices today:

  • Ibovespa today: +2.78%
  • IFIX today: +0.68%
  • IBRX today: +2.03%
  • SMLL today: +2.90%
  • IDIV today: +1.44%

Ibovespa quotation this Thursday (11)

O Ibovespa closed the trading session last Thursday (11) down 0.47% to 109,717.94 points.

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