Against the crisis, the luxury market grows in Brazil - Economy

Against the crisis, the luxury market grows in Brazil – Economy

Macaws with luxury clothes
After a search for comfortable clothes for the home office, consumers turn to more elaborate pieces (photo: Bianza/Disclosure)

The bags and sandals from the Vero da Luz da Lua collection, in orange and ocean blue tones, filled the eyes of those who attended the launch of the 100th store of the gacha brand, the first in Belo Horizonte, recently installed on the Ouro Preto floor of BH Shopping. .

The opening event, which was attended by fashion names and influencers, points to the growth of the luxury market, which, unlike other sectors of the economy, managed to perform well even in the face of the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The opening reflects the brand’s expansion, which has been very strong after the pandemic. It marks a presence in Belo Horizonte, one of the country’s main capitals, a very strong fashion hub that mirrors the rest of the country. reinforced for our brand”, says commercial director Eduardo Smaniotto.

Bags and shoes on the shelves at Luz da Lua
Luxury market grew by 51.74% in September 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year (photo: Leca Novo/Disclosure)

Luz da Lua’s good sales performance is supported by the numbers in the luxury market. The Brazilian Association of Luxury Companies (Abrael) has identified a jump in sales of high-end articles in 2021. The growth reflects a change in the behavior of the upper middle class that used to buy on trips abroad and directed the consumption power to the high quality Brazilian brands. The result of the change was a growth of 51.74% in this segment in September 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year.

The good winds of the luxury market drive Luz da Lua to set the ambitious goal of having twice as many stores by the end of 2024, 200 between franchises and its own stores. “It also adopts a strategy of having its own store, because the operation of the own store brings security to the franchisee by demonstrating that we also know how to operate retail. We are not only manufacturers of shoes, bags and accessories. We create an operating model that franchisees can follow”, says the director.

The executive highlights that 70% of the expansion comes from franchisees that are expanding the number of stores. The brand has franchises in Uberlndia, Poos de Caldas, Itajub and Divinpolis and is in negotiation to open in Betim.

Amanda Thomaz wears a white and lime suit
Amanda Thomaz at the opening of Luz da Lua in Belo Horizonte (photo: Leca Novo/Disclosure)

The national manager of Luz da Lua, Amanda Thomaz, affirms the importance of the arrival of the brand in Belo Horizonte. “We have a new project. The hundredth store in the chain, a store of our own. There was a Luz da Lua missing in this city.” In all, there are 28 own stores and 72 franchised.

The brand completes 29 years positioning itself among luxury brands. “We only work with leather. The quality of our products is very good”, highlights Amanda. The factories are located in Presidente Lucena and another in Estncia Velha.

At the opening of the store in BH, the summer collection Novo Mundo portrays trendy classics was presented. “We have Madras, our 100% croch bag, an icon of our brand. Now, we are launching Madras in the small shape model, made of leather in Magnlia. Wonderful. Colors of the Open Sea, the pacific blue tone. We are very personalized and exclusive, a lot of material like the cotel sa gente has, very exclusive to the brand, the metals are exclusive to Luz da Lua”, describes Amanda. The products are aimed at successful women.

Ana Jablonki wears blue dress and white shoes
Ana Jablonski at Luz da Lua in BH (photo: Leca Novo/Disclosure)

The brand returned to normality as soon as the trade was reopened in the post-social isolation period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “In volumes we are 100% above 2019, in the pre-pandemic period, we attribute it to several factors, the public we serve felt less the effect of the pandemic and, with fewer trips abroad, ended up trying quality national products better, as in our case, so we ended up conquering a slice of new customers”, says Eduardo Smaniotto.

Goodbye home office clothes

Businesswoman Gabriela Bernardino, who is in charge of Bianza, also observed a greater demand for high-quality products from national brands after the pandemic. “Many people who traveled and bought abroad started to look more at national brands and give more value”, she said. In view of the good prospects, the brand started to sell in retail and opened the showroom for customers.

The brand bets on tailoring and presents, for the summer, the collection has pieces in light fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Bianza worked in wholesale, but decided to enter retail. In the building where the showroom also operates, we did a renovation to serve customers, a more cozy environment”.

“Our summer with tailor-made items, Bianza’s flagship product. In summer, we work with lighter fabrics, cotton and linen, but with a tailoring, minimalist, casual-chic approach”, he adds. to go to events”, he says.

She recalls that after the isolation due to the pandemic, when the search was for comfortable clothes for home office work, people want to produce a little more. To enhance the pieces even more, hand made details, in brooches, belts and necklaces.

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