Feng Shui Sala: Opening Up to Opportunities and Relationships

Feng Shui Sala: Opening Up to Opportunities and Relationships

According to Feng Shui, ancient knowledge of harmonizing environments, the living room is the area of ​​housing associated with relationships, receptivity, the entrance of new opportunities and openness to novelties.

Given its importance for the progress of the residents and for the harmony of the house, this content provides clarification on the function and role of this room, in addition to teaching how to keep it in balance.

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The symbolisms of the room

Symbolically, the room is like the nose and mouth of the house.

As the nose of the house, the room receives the qi energy (life force) and also sends the vibrations of your space outwards.

As a mouth, the room communicates with everything that comes from the outside, establishing contact and exchange with people, situations and the environment around it.

room functions

The living room is the most visible area of ​​the house, where we receive visitors and open up to interact and communicate with people and the outside environment.

In the room, we can do many activities, such as:

  • To play with the children
  • Establish exchanges with the outside: looking out the window or door
  • To relax lying on the couch
  • Having moments of fun and pleasure listening to music, watching movies, dancing
  • read and update reading books or newspapers
  • To talk with friends and family
  • Meet new people through the visits
  • experience solitude i.e. being fine alone
  • Living the power of now playing with pets and enjoying their company

the role of the room

In the room, practically everything happens:

  • contacts
  • conversations
  • hugs
  • friendships
  • emotions
  • words
  • celebrations
  • parties
  • encounters
  • get-togethers
  • affair
  • meetings with friends, neighbors, family or co-workers
  • planning, among others

In this space, residents share their joys, sorrows, conversations, hopes, reflections and experiences.

As this environment serves as a living space, it promotes a great circulation of energy. Therefore, it needs special care.

How to take care of the room and keep it in harmony according to Feng Shui

To apply Feng Shui in the living room, it is necessary to take care of all parts of this receptive and dynamic area, such as:


In general, the entrance door is located in the room, through which practically everything enters.

Keeping the gateway unobstructed allows Qi energy to enter without difficulty.


In Feng Shui, the mirror is the object of harmonizing, protecting and healing environments.

The use of the mirror in the room is indicated in the following cases:

  • When the room faces a place with a tendency to have negative energy, such as cemeteries, hospitals, slaughterhouses, bars, ditches, open sewers, among others.

In this case, it is recommended to place a mirror inside the room, facing the entrance door.

By reflecting what comes from outside, the mirror returns what comes from outside.


It is essential to have good lighting in the room, dark environments cause states of discouragement, lethargy and depression.


The walls are responsible for the atmosphere of the room, so any problem with them has a negative impact on this room.

Keep the walls clean, without peeling paint, mold stains or infiltrations, as these problems denote energy imbalance in the environment, in addition to giving the place an ugly appearance.

sofas and armchairs

The sofa and armchairs need to be positioned facing the entrance door, to see who enters and who leaves the environment.

If you can’t place these furniture facing the front door, place them on the side.

Avoid placing sofas and armchairs with their backs to the front door, because it symbolizes that you are turning your back on opportunities.

Also, avoid leaving these furniture leaning against or close to a wall with a window, so as not to have your back to the outside.

For Feng Shui, well-placed sofas and armchairs represent receptivity and openness.

Otherwise, it signals roadblocks and causes a feeling of lack of hospitality.

if no If it is possible to place the sofa against the wall facing the door, include a sideboard or buffet table behind this furniture to neutralize the negative effect of this placement on the environment.


To decorate the room and make it beautiful, cozy and pleasant, you can use:

  • rugs
  • curtains
  • cushions
  • puffs
  • art objects
  • frames
  • plants

A Feng Shui recommendation to promote good relationships is to use objects and items in the room in pairs.


It is recommended to position the tables on the side or center of the room, but in such a way as to no obstruct circulation in that environment.

Give preference to round tables, because in addition to facilitating the circulation of energies, no they have corners, avoiding hitting them and the circle shape symbolizes universality, that is, the Whole.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the table to no become disproportionate to the size of the sofa and the space of the room, disharmonize the environment and hinder the circulation of Qi energy.

frames and mandalas

Frames with cheerful and colorful images, even if abstract, stimulate high spirits and elevate the atmosphere of the environment.

Mandalas symbolize the energy of the universe and convey balance.

Choose the images of the paintings well, because they also reinforce impressions and intentions.

The same applies to the use of shapes and colors in mandalas.

Spaces between furniture and other items in the room

It is always recommended to check that there are free spaces between the furniture in the room and that there is no excess of objects and materials in that room.

Excess such as knickknacks, ornaments, objects, magazines, books, boxes and other objects become obstacles for the flow of Qi energy, in addition to disharmonizing the environment, making cleaning difficult and favoring energy stagnation.

corners of the room

Decorate the corners of the room with plants, crystals, lamps, art objects and sculptures.

This is a way to energize the environment and no forget about parts of the room that are often neglected.


Place plants at the external entrance of the room, in addition to conveying the welcome, they purify the environment, bring good energies.

Due to their energetic properties, it is recommended to have the following plants in the room:

  • relationships: jasmine, hibiscus, red flowers and tree of happiness
  • Creativity: camellia, begonia and those that have flowers of various colors on the same plant, such as manacá
  • Friendships: daisy, tulip, azalea, astromelia and white flowering plants such as common myrtle
  • Job: plants that grow upwards like basil and vines, like hoya
  • Spirituality: lotus flower, mint and aromatic plants such as lavender
  • Prosperity: Bamboo, Sunflower, Clover and Fortune Ivy
  • Protection: rue, pita, sword of Saint George
  • Peace: Peace lily

see more plants for every room in the house in:

Scents: incense and essential oils

Incense, essential oils in diffusers or spray scents are indicated to perfume, raise vibrations and ward off negative energies.

Some of the essential oils indicated for the room can be:


Avoid painting all the walls in the room with dark tones, as it saddens the environment.

Also, it is recommended no leave all the walls completely white, because it leaves the environment without color and consequently more dull.

The ideal colors for the living room are those that match the furniture, the decoration of the room and favor a harmonious environment.

Room color suggestions and functions

  • Orange: Stimulates even more socializing, interactivity and stimulates high spirits.
  • Yellow: Brings radiant vibration, brightening the environment, even on gray and cloudy days. It promotes the feeling of joy.
  • Red: It heats the room and energizes the environment, but do not abuse this color, use it only in some parts of the room, because in excess red increases tension and agitation.
  • Neutral tones like beige, white, light gray, sand: In addition to being more neutral and soft, they combine with other colors.
  • Light tones like white, gray and beige bring a sense of spaciousness.
  • Blue: Calms and soothes, facilitating breaks, resting on the couch, studying, reading and reflective thoughts.
  • Green: Renews energies and transmits balance, well-being, freshness, cheer, expansion, longevity and vitality.

Learn more about the meanings of colors at:

objects and furniture

Broken furniture or objects need to be repaired or disposed of at Ecoponto.

Keeping them broken makes them sources of negative energy in space, because whatever they no works well or is in a state of breakdown (broken), blocks good vibrations, brings a sense of stagnation and delay in the lives of residents.

Water sources

Water fountains symbolize progress.

In addition, they bring energy and beautify the environment.


Decorative and scented candles bring light, shine, warm and fill the environment with life.

Also, fire symbolizes spiritual strength, perseverance and faith.

If you have a fireplace, dispense with the use of candles, to no promote excess and energy imbalance in the environment.

crystals around the room

Crystals are beautiful and enhance the energy of the environment.

The use of crystals is mainly indicated in homes or rooms very exposed to excess electromagnetic energy, such as:

  • electrical networks
  • electronic devices
  • WIFI routers and appliances
  • satellite dishes
  • radio or television broadcast stations and others.

Read more:

Some of the crystals indicated for the room can be:

  • Amethyst: brings spiritual connection
  • Agate: it’s calming
  • black tourmaline: transmutes negative energy, protecting the environment

Learn more about the benefits of crystals in:

However, no overuse the crystals and make sure they are sustainably mined.

Feng Shui expert talks how to keep the room harmonized

In this video, Feng Shui expert, Gabrielle Bergerfrom the 5 tips to leave the environment of the room well harmonic and balanced. Check out!

Room = Dynamism and Expansion

The living room is a dynamic environment, so keeping it harmonized is essential for our internal and external expansion.

Also remember to take care of your interior, because it is reflected on the exterior, both for good and for bad.

Sources: Earth and VivaDecora

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