Pentagna and Trena team up and present a new architectural concept in BH

Pentagna and Trena team up and present a new architectural concept in BH

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Petra 1275 Building, in Lourdes, will have apartments with living facades made up of native species from the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado.

In the midst of the challenges of urban life, such as air pollution and lack of time for leisure, especially in green areas, there is nothing better than arriving at home, contemplating the beauty of the environment surrounded by plants and have the privilege of having contact with nature. This is the proposal of the developers Pentagna and Trena who joined in one bold, pioneering and high standard architectural project in the capital of Minas Gerais. This is the Petra 1275 building, the works of which are in progress and delivery is scheduled for 2024.

In the current times when studies increasingly prove that living in places where green is predominant and brings numerous health benefits, Petra 1275 emerges as an excellent option for those seeking quality of life. With a privileged location in Lourdes, a noble, traditional and charming neighborhood, the building will stand out for its contemporary design and the exuberance of various native species of the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado.

Living with greenery inside the home is, without a doubt, the Petra 1275 differential. the internal environment of the apartments. The gardens were designed to integrate the living room, providing a modern look with harmonious decor, provided by the granite floor, furniture and plants.

And, surrounded by so much green, the property owner may be surprised at breakfast, for example, with the visit of birds, given that plants are natural attractions for birds, as explained by Pentagna CEO Gabriel Pentagna.

Other advantages of having living facades in apartments is that they act as filters due to density. In this way, they improve the humidity of the ambient air, contain noise, prevent dust and shelter the biodiversity that fights pests.

Technology will also be a highlight of Petra 1275. All gardens, which measure 10.24m x 3.71m, will have automated irrigation. Maintenance will be paid by developers for a period of 12 months, and its rules will be provided for in the condominium agreement. “It is important to emphasize that, as it is a garden with native plants, already used to the region, maintenance is simpler and carried out in a longer period of time, unlike what happens with invasive plants”, says Gabriel Pentagna.

landscape design

For the renowned landscaper and botanist, Ricardo Cardim, who signed the landscaping project, Petra 1275 is an example to be followed for the numerous benefits it provides.

“So, it’s a quality of life and public health machine. If all the buildings had a project like Petra’s, we would certainly have cities with more conditions to offer people health and well-being”, explains Cardim, who has just released the book “Sustainable landscaping for Brazil: integrating nature and humanity in the 20th century”. 21.”

About Petra 1275

Residential Petra 1275, which portrays modernity and denotes grandeur, will occupy the block in front of Minas Tênis Clube, in the Lourdes neighborhood, in a wooded area, stands out for its characteristics. Built on a plot of 600 M², it has a private area of ​​208 M². The size of the penthouse is 293 square meters. In all, there will be 13 units with three or four bedrooms. Each apartment will be entitled to four parking spaces.

The residents of the imposing building will also have a complete leisure area, which includes a sauna, gourmet party space, gourmet garden space, kids space and gym. In addition to all this, the buyer will have the garden as part of the decoration of the room due to the interaction of the plants with the architecture. The architectural project was developed by Torres Miranda Arquitetura and the interiors have the signature of Leonardo Rotsen Arquitetura.


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