Carol Celico ends the first season of the Pais&Filhos podcast – Pais&Filhos

Carol Celico ends the first season of the Pais&Filhos podcast – Pais&Filhos

news summary

  • The last episode of the first season of POD&Tudo airs today
  • Carol Celico will talk about motherhood, career and more in the 9th episode
  • Write it down on the agenda: the live takes place this Friday, 08/19, at 3 pm

The first season of POD&Tudo is coming to an end! Around here, we already miss recording and spending a lot of time chatting with amazing people, but this is not goodbye. It’s a “see you later”! And, to end with a flourish, our last guest is influencer Carol Celico.

Mother of Luca and Isabella, Carol Celico currently works as a digital influencer and owns the clothing brand NIINI. To get where she is now, the mother of two studied Fashion Management at Instituto Marangoni in Milan and has also studied gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid.

POD&Tudo: Carol Celico ends the first season of the Pais&Filhos podcast
POD&Tudo: Carol Celico ends the first season of the Pais&Filhos podcast (Photo: Reproduction Instagram @cacelico)

This Friday, August 19, she will be live from the Pais&Filhos podcast studios to chat with Andressa Simonini, executive editor, and Jennifer Detlinger, digital editor, and talk about motherhood, career, dreams, life. before and after children and much more. After all, everything can be done here! In order not to miss anything, set an alarm on your cell phone: we will be on the air from 3 pm!

Want to know how POD&tudo came about?

The project began after Pais&Filhos was one of the 25 media outlets selected in the Accelerating Digital Transformation Program, developed by the Meta Journalism Project in partnership with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). Since then, our team has created all the details to embark on this incredible experience. And with a difference! In addition to generating a lot of information and entertainment, POD&tudo aims to help the network of entrepreneurial women/mothers. It’s a unique opportunity for them to advertise at a budget-friendly price and gain business visibility through YouTube’s SuperChat.

Advertise your business on POD&Tudo with us!

When the POD&tudo broadcast starts on YouTube, click on the live to watch and comment. Below the video screen, click on the “live chat” button, which allows you to send messages during the live. Next to the comment box, click the button with a dollar sign ($). This is YouTube’s SuperChat, a super easy way to advertise your business on the Pais&Filhos podcast.

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After clicking the SuperChat button, you can choose how much money you want to invest in a comment to advertise your business. On your screen, a bar will appear showing the equivalence of values ​​and the amount of time that your message will be fixed in the live. Be aware: the values ​​change from Android to iPhone. To facilitate, we stipulated a value of R$ 100 per ad for female entrepreneurs who use Android cell phones, while the comment of mothers and women who own iPhones is stipulated at R$ 109.90.

In addition to generating a lot of information, POD&Tudo aims to help the network of entrepreneurial women/mothers (Source: Thinkstock) After choosing the desired amount to donate and leaving your comment pinned during the live broadcast on YouTube, click on “buy and send” . If you have your card details already registered on your cell phone, the purchase will be made automatically. Otherwise, you will need to record this information. Done that, done! The comment talking about your brand is already fixed on the live and your business will be announced on POD&tudo.

Listen now to Lore Improta on POD&Tudo:

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