OncoBeda gains new facilities with more comfort, safety and beauty

OncoBeda gains new facilities with more comfort, safety and beauty

The IMNE Group’s Integrated Oncology Center celebrates the presentation of new environments and services to patients


August 18, 2022 – 10:56 pm

Facade of the OncoBeda Integrated Oncology Center (Photos Carlos Grevi)

Health professionals, authorities and guests gathered at OncoBeda’s headquarters, in Campos dos Goytacazes, on Thursday night (18) for the presentation of the new facilities of the Integrated Oncology Center of the IMNE Group, created in 2003. Miscellaneous environments were expanded and gained new decor. Services have been improved with the use of new technologies and better accessibility. The clinical director of the IMNE Oncology Group, Diogo Neves, celebrated the new stage of OncoBeda. He was greeted by the municipal secretary of Health, Paulo Hirano; and by the director of the Terceira Via Communication System, Fábio Paes, as well as friends and co-workers.

Dr.Diogo Neves, clinical director of the IMNE Oncology Group

“The main change we made was in terms of accessibility. We now have an elevator with stretcher space, with no-hassle access to the second floor. Accessibility has greatly improved. The Chemotherapy Room on the ground floor was extinguished and moved to the second floor, with greater capacity for up to eight patients. Each box is individualized and allows more privacy, with cable television and streaming. This helps patients who need a longer protocol, with comfort in very comfortable chairs, a tasteful environment, a lot of safety in equipment and accessories for eventual emergency situations. All boxes are monitored by cameras. There is a central where the head nurse is. In this place, he can visualize each patient”, explains clinical director Diogo Neves.

OncoBeda also gained a new reception and a few more offices. All received special decoration and lighting. The physician and clinical director André Porto also highlighted the expansion and improvement of the Pharmacy Sector.

Dr.André Porto, Clinical Director of the IMNE Group

“The entire pharmacy structure was reformulated, with a specific point being the expansion of our chemotherapy processing capacity, bringing extreme agility and speed in the preparation and infusion of medications. The team sees the patient and their families as the most important elements in the therapeutic trajectory. We make the “Zelar Program” available to patients and their families. It is a team focused on “navigating” the patient and with the patient, throughout the cancer treatment. In this program we have a Navigation Nurse, Oncology Nutritionist, Clinical Pharmacist and administrative agent. All engaged with the technical support of specific areas, such as side effects, drug interactions and nutritional needs during treatment”, summarizes André Porto.

Marta Henriques, Administrative Director of the IMNE-

For the managing director of the IMNE Group, Martha Henriques, the expectation of this new stage of OncoBeda will be surpassed. She thanked the professionals, patients and collaborators. “We are proud to bring to our municipality what is most modern and current in large centers. It is gratifying to experience the growth and development of the IMNE Group’s Oncology Service. Since 1976, I have had the opportunity to participate in the creation and follow its evolution. Cobalt bomb was the first in the region; Cacon; Linear Accelerator; Unacon; Brachytherapy. We have the best team of medical professionals, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, radiotherapy technicians, physicists. They all work with a single objective: to provide the best care to patients”, highlights the director.

During the fraternization and presentation of the new facilities of OncoBeda, Father Hélio Marcos participated in a moment of thanks and prayers for the institution. He blessed healthcare professionals and patients undergoing cancer treatment. The architectural design of the Integrated Oncology Center has been the responsibility of the architect Denise Penna for almost 20 years. She says she is happy with the results obtained in adapting and decorating all of the institution’s environments.

Architect Denise Penna

“OncoBeda serves patients undergoing chemotherapy, brachytherapy and radiotherapy treatments. It is understood that offering a place with adequate facilities, with thermal comfort, with accessibility; improving the comfort of physical spaces, this influences the treatment of patients. I believe that it has a more significant contribution to the recovery process of each one. Therefore, we expanded the Chemotherapy Room. We created a distinct reception for this segment; we installed an elevator; we have increased the number of offices, which have been refurbished and are modern and comfortable. We expect the comfort and well-being of the patient”, says Denise Penna.

Responsible for the Radiotherapy Service of OncoBeda and IMNE Group, radio-oncologist Ronaldo Cavalieri says he is proud to offer care with the best professionals, trained in the best oncology residencies in the country, in an environment in which people can feel comfortable and welcomed.

Dr. Ronaldo Cavalieri

“Putting the patient first is ingrained in the entire OncoBeda team. All employees carry out their activities for the patient. People who come to us feel it at first. We created this unique environment. We are always looking for the best professionals. We created a personalized service structure. We expand our ability to care for people. We built new units in other cities and we feel that we still have a lot to do for the people who come to us”, he concludes.

OncoBeda fraternization

Gallery with OncoBeda Installations

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