It's time to prepare the autumn closet and these coats can't be missed – NiT

It’s time to prepare the autumn closet and these coats can’t be missed – NiT

It’s time to prepare the autumn closet and these coats can’t be missed

There are also proposals to use on cooler summer nights. Options abound, of all styles and for all tastes.

It’s hard to accept, we know. There are still a few weeks left to enjoy it, but summer is nearing its end, ending on September 22nd. This is, therefore, the ideal time to prepare the autumn closet, while adding proposals that can be used on the nights of this season. A two-in-one mission, therefore.

Coats are those pieces that can’t be missed in closets. If in the near future they will be worn mainly at night, when temperatures drop, in a few weeks they will be worn during the day. It is best to choose versatile models that suit various occasions.

Jeans, in addition to being timeless, go well with any other piece of clothing. They can be worn over a dress, sweater, shirt or top — they will always work well. Pairing them with pants made of the same material is bold and controversial, but this combination has already given us some of the most iconic moments in pop culture, like the pandam of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in 2001, who appeared with a full denim look at the Americans. Music Awards. In the late 80s, windbreakers in this material were also popular. and are back to the current streetstyle.

Historically, this fabric appeared in the late 17th century in Nimes, France, by chance when weavers were producing another popular material, twill. They named the new discovery “serge de Nimes”, but this was eventually shortened by traders to “denim”.

It was a little later, in 1848, that the denim we know today was created. Levi Strauss (yes, the brand), traveled from Bavaria, Germany, to the United States of America, more specifically to the San Francisco region, on the west coast of the United States, where the gold rush was taking place. Mine workers needed sturdy pants, and that’s what the German offered them. However, they had a problem: they were often torn in the area of ​​the side pockets.

To resolve this issue he teamed up with Jacob Davis, a tailor, with the hope of creating a more lasting proposal. They succeeded and, in 1873, the famous denim (or denim) fabric that we still use today appears. and in several other articles besides pants, such as jackets. It’s a material widely used in mid-season garments due to its versatility — it’s not too cold or too hot.

The transition from summer to autumn is also the ideal time to wear other types of coats besides denim, such as bombers, vests, fine knits and even more sporty models. Click on the gallery and discover some of the proposals you can find in stores to renovate your closet (from various brands and prices).

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Vests are good choices. This one by Bimba y Lola costs €85.

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