Landscaping and Decoration Exhibition brings together 18 environments at Expoflora in Holambra

by Newsroom/Estrela da Mogiana on 08/26/2022
garden of The Landscaping and Decoration Exhibition is one of the attractions at Expoflora. Landscape designers, architects, decorators and agronomists, among other professionals, created 18 environments.

They are spaces that honor love and the relationship between man and nature, amid thousands of flowers and plants, of the most varied species, sizes, colors and perfumes, many of them launches of this edition of the event.

Expoflora reaches its 39th edition and takes place from September 2nd to 25th, from Friday to Sunday, and on September 7th and 8th (Wednesday and Thursday, taking advantage of the Brazilian Independence holiday), always from 9 am to 7 pm, in Holambra.

In the search for origins, professionals rescued individual or family stories and memories, connecting nature and life, creating environments of well-being from the use of plants and flowers that purify the air, contribute to healing, attract birds, calm the soul and gladden the eyes.

The Garden of the den symbolizes the original nature. Jardim Italiano, Jardim Oriental and Fazenda make a connection with immigrants who were fundamental to Brazil and also with our ancestors, stimulating memories.

Other environments are an invitation to integrate with nature, healthy routine and inner strength that leads human beings to face difficulties, to celebrate love and life.

Comfort and warmth are present in all spaces, with innovations and trends.

The spaces also celebrate love at its essence and present creative solutions for indoor and outdoor environments, regardless of size, applicable in homes with or without a garden or apartments.

The environments incorporate materials used in everyday life, transformed into furniture, utensils and decorative objects in the name of sustainability, another constant concern of the creators.

The conscientious use of water and non-polluting materials, the wasteful use of natural resources and the use of recyclables are also highlighted in the exhibition. There is no shortage of “instagrammable” places for visitors to immortalize their visit in photos.


39 Expoflora

Date: from 2nd to 25th of September, from Friday to Sunday, and on the 7th and 8th of September (Wednesday and Thursday, taking advantage of the Independence Day of Brazil)
schedule: from 9 am to 7 pm
Place: Expoflora Park – entrance through the parking lot in front of Moinho dos Povos
Tickets: R$40 (half price) and R$80 (full price)
Information: in the website phone (19) 3802-1499 or by email

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