"Calvão de cria": Program goes to Angra dos Reis to meet haircut fans |  Saturday schedule

“Calvão de cria”: Program goes to Angra dos Reis to meet haircut fans | Saturday schedule

This week’s program (27) went to Litoral to meet a crowd with a unique style. 🫢

From time to time a haircut becomes fashionable and conquers, especially, young people. The fact is that there is one more style in the area, the “Calvão de cria”. 👨‍🦲

Calvão de Cria went viral on the internet — Photo: Reproduction: Saturday Program

The digital influencer Matheus Costawho became known for making humorous videos with his father, also took the opportunity to embark on the trend and left a message for people you check in the video at the end of the article. 😂

“I’m defending bald empowerment”, joked Matheus.

Matheus Costa, digital influencer, recorded a video for the Program — Photo: Reproduction: Saturday Program

The cut imitates a bald person, leaving only the sides with hair. And although the bald style seems unusual, many people decided to bet on the look. And, of course, the south of the state would be no different.

Therefore, the Rovany Araújo went to Angra dos Reis to accompany the youtubers, Murilo Valle and Gustavo do Carmo at the barber shop to transform the look. 💇‍♂️

Program accompanies young people at the barber shop to do the “calvão de cria” — Photo: Reproduction: Programa de Sábado

Murilo is already a veteran when it comes to changing his look, you’ll be shocked by what he’s done with his hair. 😱 Gustavo, on the other hand, is going to do the “calvão de calvão” for the first time. Was he anxious?

“I took advantage of the fact that I was already going bald to do what I wanted”, said Murilo.

Yago Lopes, owner of the barbershop, believes that the “calvão de calvão” is here to stay. He told us that when he posted on social media that he was getting his haircut, the salon rocked! 🤩

Yago Lopes is the owner of the barbershop where the young people changed their look — Photo: Reproduction/Programão de Sábado

Gustavo always made fun of his father for being bald, but now he also joined the bald team. He didn’t tell anyone that he changed his look because he wanted to surprise Mr. Henry, his father. So, do you think he liked it? 😯

Gustavo wanted to surprise his father with his new haircut — Photo: Reproduction/Saturday Program

And if you think the “calf calf” It’s just for men, they’re wrong. It has a feminine cut giving the talk on social mediathe owner of the visual is Maiquele D’cria from Rio Grande do Sul and she recorded an exclusive video for Programão, which you can see at the end of the article.

Maiquele went viral on social media with the female cut — Photo: Reproduction/Programão de Sábado

And of course, I couldn’t miss a song to close with a golden key, isn’t it? Murilo wrote and exhibited exclusively on schedule. 🎤🔊

Furthermore, will Rovany decided get into the “bald” fashion?

Gustavo with the “calvão de calvão” — Photo: Reproduction: Saturday Program

With the “calvão de calvão” ready, it’s time to go out and see people’s reaction. Will this fashion catch on? Check it all out in the full video!

Program goes to Angra dos Reis to meet fans at

Program goes to Angra dos Reis to meet fans of “calvão de calvão”

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