Eliana displays different decoration for her son's party: "very chic"

Eliana displays different decoration for her son’s party: “very chic”

Presenter Eliana showed the details of her eldest son’s birthday

the presenter Eliana celebrated his firstborn’s birthday in style! Arthur turned 11 years old, last August 10th. But, the celebration took place only in the last week in a party beyond luxurious, organized in an amusement park, which is in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo.

The presenter’s eldest son is the result of an old relationship. For those who don’t remember, she was married to the music producer and entrepreneur João Marcello Boscoli. The breakup happened when the heir was just a baby. At the time, the boy was about two years old.

Even with the end of the relationship, which was announced in 2014, Bôscoli and Eliana maintain a good relationship for the upbringing of the child. Both posed side by side on Arthur’s birthday and delighted with the party they promoted for the boy. The famous is also the mother of a four-year-old girl, Manuela.

The chosen theme is popular with children and teenagers. All the decor was inspired by the mysterious series “Stranger Things”. On the main table, several decorations made reference to the characters of the plot. Which included many terrifying monsters and creatures that are part of the story.

The sweets were also personalized with the birthday boy’s name and age. The delicious four-tier cake was right in the center of the table and was all decorated based on the theme of the party. As well as the ornaments placed on Arthur’s guest tables.

“This time the choice was all his. Theme, guests, party location, music, EVERYTHING!!! And there the mother went to work to do the job. Master!! But alone we do nothing in this life, right? Therefore, I want to thank the parents of the children who trusted their children (41, in all) to go with me by bus through the city of SP until I reached the incredible trampoline park”, he captioned. Eliana while showing the bash clicks.

Fans and friends of the presenter left many compliments and were impressed with how the party went. “Best theme ever,” said one netizen. Another also approved: “How awesome”. A follower joked: “I want a similar party! Congratulations, everything is beautiful”. And yet another defined: “Wow, this party is very chic”.

The details of Arthur's 11th birthday decoration, Eliana's son

Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News The details of the decoration of Arthur’s 11th birthday party, Eliana’s firstborn

Sousplat and souvenir from presenter Eliana's son's party

Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News The beautiful souvenirs and sousplat from presenter Eliana’s son’s party

Arthur, son of Eliana and João Marcello Bôscoli, on his 11th birthday

Manuela Scarpa/Brazil News Arthur, son of Eliana and João Marcello Bôscoli, posed for photos on his birthday with the theme “Stranger Things”

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