A gin to share with a group of friends (increasingly)

A gin to share with a group of friends (increasingly)

With lemon and rosemary. Or, for those with sweeter tastes, with orange and bay leaves. These are Raquel Santos’ suggestions regarding the best way to serve Amicis, a gin that was born from a man’s passion for the Beiras region and that aims to be the best-selling national gin in Portugal.

It’s been six years since Paulo Pereira brought his gin to television and introduced it to Shark Tank investors. Since then everything has changed. Starting with what stands out, the bottle, all the way to the owners, who now, in addition to Paulo Pereira, the founder, include Grupo Bel (a shareholder in the group that owns Diário de Notícias), owned by the investor Marco Galinha, who left convince by the project in the SIC program, and another partner.

Gone are the days when Paulo Pereira, trainer at the Douro-Lamego Hotel and Tourism School, “walked around with the botanists in a small suitcase and experimented with friends until he reached the ideal recipe”. Now, the group of friends is much larger and Amicis (Latin for “friends”) is already, according to the project manager, the second best-selling Portuguese gin. “We reinforced our ambitions”, admits Raquel Santos. “We want to be the best-selling Portuguese gin in Portugal”, she guarantees.

The bottle is in a copper tone and features the Sicó and Açor mountains, where the 14 botanicals come from (harvested and extracted at certain times of the year in order to obtain their greatest potential) that make up this aromatic gin with a floral touch. , such as Santa Maria herb, carqueja flower, and others, rare in gins, such as honey or nutmeg.

To enhance the aromas of gin, it is recommended to combine two elements: a citrus (lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit) and an herbal (laurel, rosemary, thyme, mint, basil or salicornia).

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